Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Well that sucks a lot




I get the same 300MB update everyday for overwatch what the fuck, it annoys me so much, is anyone having this problem?


500 MegaBytes of download? I had it only once yesterday.


I’ve had it 4 days now in a row and its gettin annoying


It’s really well suited to area defense, punishing people who stick around an area that had turrets or near turrets… it feels like she should just get a slightly lower movement speed while using her gun, maybe even a buff to its power as a result. She can protect an area well (that’s her thing) but she can’t go rambo on people who decide to leave.


Me as a Torbjörn player (not main), I don’t try to repair my turret if it’s under fire. I can repair it if the damages are low or if they aren’t aoe damages, otherwise I would have left it destroyed for the sake of my own life. Many torbjörn players do the mistake of constantly repairing their turret while they are taking damages, which lead them to die with the turret. Turrets can be a defensive deployable, but they can also be a form of distraction and it works better if you deploy other turrets as soon as they get destroyed, I’ve seen players who cared more about my turrets rather than the players of my team which saves a bit of time for my teammates.


Jayzus, the number of Genjis in silverish tier competitive… like only 10% do any damage whatsoever.


I feel nervous everytime I pick Genji, I know how people feel about those who pick him


I loathe genjis that know what they’re doing on the enemy side, so I am always a bit confused as to why on my side they basically just keep feeding the enemy while achieving nothing


Exactly why I’m always afraid to say I’ve played him most, you’re either really good or really bad, no inbetween


I am learning genji right now. So far hes all about movement , in and out… secure kills get out get back in. Right now I have to work on my aim with his primary…


There is one, but it’s tight and playing inbetween as genji doesn’t make you achieve much in the game, sadly.


I’ve seen really good Genji’s destroy teams with ults


That needs a lot of practise though.


Doomfist is coming (I hope)!


Hhmm. Orisa came out in march. July would 4 months, so I think a launch is imminent. Hypeee


Sure, Tracer, Reaper, D.Va, Hanzo, Mercy and Zen is totally going to win on attack against Winston, Rein, Pharah, Mercy, D.va and soldier. No sweat. Well done.


Try running a Hanzo, Widow, Reaper, Sombra, Pharah, 76, and Tracer in Comp in Diamond on Ilios and winning a comeback.

The worse part was that everyone was trying to throw.