Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Did you get the invitation?


I once again was able to kill the OR14, but this damn Bastion tank has messed my team up.


i was just playing… i was mercy and it was solid. but i got clipped trying to revive a tracer… and then another fell same place


What was your difficulty?


Completing Uprising doesn’t give you better loot but unlocks new conversations inside that gamemode.


Ho…so it was just a rumor


There’s a glitch when moving the payload that prevents the ennemies from spawning, I think (I’m not sure though) that you have to stuck yourself at the factory’s door to do so.
Another one is when fighting the OR14-NS inside the factory, you shall not kill the first two OR14-NS until you have killed all the Bastions and other ennemies. If you kill the two first bosses before that, you’ll have to deal with the Bastions and the other ennemies together, making the mission harder than without the Bastions.


Haha! I got other cool skins to show


the developers mentioned it , thats why i mentioned it here.


Source? I’ve heard nothing about that.


source blizzard, the developer

I watch all the update vids and I read the patch notes along with the developer commentaries.


We killed all the Bastions, there was 2 Orisas left, but the timer was down and my team struggled to kill them. That was a good fight however.


I have 9k because I bought the Genji skin already.


@Kathryn_James / @Dovahkick
i’ll add you guis soon, to just play for fun. i dont care about sr and ping doesnt matter for mercy too.


What’s your PSN?




Sent you a fr


Accepted, ayyyy.


I’ve got into playing as Widowmaker a lot lately and she’s pretty fun providing that you can hit headshots often.

Felt bad when I got a quad kill with headshots but then their Lucio gets a double boop and gets the POTG cus of it though :cry: