Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


A lootbox with no dupes… That’s nice ;~;


Lol, I have people messaging me telling me I’m a good Dva. I feel fuzzy inside.


You knoow what makes me mad with D.Va? It’s the fact that she can capture the flag, defense matrix active and then rush to her flag with the boosters.


Are you happy because of the Symmetra voice line?


The blizzard forums are trash.

I get tempbanned for attempting to refute “Pharah OP. Plz nerf” threads who claim she has no skill, and I do it nicely.

I miss this forum. So much nicer. TRS when you be releasing your next game? I need decent content to satisfy my boredom.



kind of sorry


oh, i didnt realize you are french. wow 2 legendary… how epic is that.

yeah only skin i like is mcree in the uprising


I need to git gud with Reinhardt.


*look at my own profile picture

*look at your response


i really like the red cross bcuz tf2 medic is my fav.

from there i played Val a lot and mercy in OW naturally. i often use red cross or swiss flag as my display pic but doesnt mean im swiss

and anyone can use french quotes in forums too, its only til i see ur screenshot



I did nothing wrong to deserve that!


well, if it makes you feel better, i always thought you’re an american. :joy:


But I’m not an american! I’m just a french from the south east! I’m just a simple french wandering the forums…
I even sometimes send stuff from france like Jean Luc Mélenchon’s gif or the song of Moralès by Bénureau
######Please, end me


its okay, we still :heart: u


these are fun, if you can get in a a no rules lobby, this sometimes happen… the one time it happened with me, we were standing on reins shield .

I love these… thanks for the post


just an FYI completing the uprising mode on harder difficulties gives better loot, via that blizzard guy




yeah, and to give you an idea, all my free loot crates have high epicness (been crunching out Uprising in EPIC mode)


Wow, and the fact that I was about to kill the 2nd OR14 in expert mode and then die makes me even more envious.
Anyway, who’s on PC?