Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


The points are the rank the higher the points the higher the rank.


When you win competitive games, you gain SR points (or lose them when you lose). These affect who you get matched with in subsequent competitive games. When you hit certain milestones, you can increase your tier, which from lowest to highest goes Bronze, Silver, Gold Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster. You can’t, however, get dropped out of a tier, unless you are in Master or Grandmaster. At the end of the season your tier determines how many Competitive points you earn, which can be used to buy golden weapon skins.


its a high silver i think…

its not bad, but from everything i read on the forums, the rankers are pretty upset with the system atm.

for instance, I play a lot of supports (my mercy is pretty decent) but gaining SR with support is extremely difficult to compared to the DPS characters and tanks.

So it depends on your characters you are playing too…

either way… its just not accurate.


OMG!!! i hv buy 5 Lootboxes and look what i ot in the 2nd one O.O
Im so happy now best 5 Lootboxes ever ^^

but i still like the OR15 Skin more i also got the awesome D.Va highlight and Blackwatch Mccree :stuck_out_tongue:


Sees @xDaRkNeZzChAoSX’s luck

yells internally


This is me when I win against the ennemy team, really.

I’m a horrible person


Why hell is my team near my level but the enemy team x3 higher with a full team at 90


Welcome to the injustice of matchmaking… -_-


I can’t carry my team with Dva. God damn it.


Well, don’t sweat it. DVa’s not a hypercarry. She carries hard on good hands, though.
Practice, dude. Practice.


I mean I’m good with Dva, but she alone can’t help me carry a full team of noobs against a higher level team.


same problem like me whit Orisa if i play whit my friends i do a very good job whit Orisa and can support my team pretty well whit my Ultimate and her Graviton ( I love if i use my graviton on a tracer or Genji and our Widowmaker headshot him :stuck_out_tongue: ) we have won so many game just because i hv use my Superboost at the right time and best thing we have a Winston Main in our Team ^^ but if i try to play solo and get a random team most time its just frustrated or didnt make fun because of no healer and ppl wo cant kill a Genji or no teamplay-.- This is the reason why i only play Overwatch now if my friends are only and want to play :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Reinhardt and Orisa are a must have on my team.

Yeah, a genji killed five of my team members by just zipping around and double jumping. I just casually boost into him and kill him.


New weapons soldier: Overwatch! Can i have good lootboxes please?


overwatch pans out to reveal a lootbox with 3 duplicate sprays and a crappy skin that wasn’t even in the expansion



Do you have the moneh to buy the skin though?!


Still no luck here either…

I got another legendary skin thinking it was Genji, but it was Sombra’s Cyberspace >.<

One man’s trash is another Katt’s treasure? >.<


I think it’s Blizzard that made Overwatch, not Overwatch itself.


i mean, i’m not sure new weapons soldier would care, he’s asked merasmus, aliens, and ms. Pauling for new weapons even though they aren’t the ones who made TF2.

New Weapons Soldier isn’t picky when it comes to new weapons, he asks everyone.


Then maybe he asks for…Jeff Kaplan?


now that you mention it, Jeff Kaplan does sound good.


My dreams finally came true (but only a fragment of it)