Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Just got a POTG earlier

easiest ever xDD

oh ya, if u noticed in the video. we captured 2 points before 6 min :smiley:


For the first time in fucking for ever I got POTG for Rezzing instead of the dps hero getting POTG for killing people that I instantly rez.

BTW, is it weird that I can only play projectile heroes?


Bought 24 loot boxes with the intent of getting gengu, the only one I realy wanted…



The only skin I have got so far is for Reinhardt…


Im sitting pretty. I have 3500 coins, by the end of the month I’ll buy the Genji skin and Hanzo emote. Have the mercy skin, have the bastion skin, and don’t want the Orisa skin, fuck that.


What’d you get from it that was good? I got one of Hanzo’s wolf skins, Event Torbjorn, and Event Mercy.


the first one i got out of the free loot was the widow skin (talon) then recently i just got tracers.


Uh, I got a score of 2504 with Dva for the competitive thing. Is that good?


Only 400 Coins away and i finally can buy the Orisa Skin if i didnt get it until the Event ends i will maybe buy 5 or 10 Lootboxes

But i think if i will get the Skin i still will use the OR15 Skin more because its still my fav. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the Widow Skin too but because i cant play Sniper its not so bad If i didnt get it. Just hope i didnt get that Genji Skin -.- if i get it i will stop playing Overwatch ( not )


Haha, what am i wathcing


I am.
(sorry I’ve been playing other games recently)
Add me (if you want)
I was very high Plat, but was cheated and put in Gold :frowning:
2940 to 1920’s… REALLY Blizzard :’(


Update on my skin situation from 6 days ago:[quote=“xPredators, post:4775, topic:87035, full:true”]
I’ve got:

Tracer’s 4 times
Reins 5 times
Genji’s Twice

I’ve been so unlucky with my skins

Tracer’s 7 times (extra 3 since then, y tho)
Rein’s 5 times (same)
Genji’s 2 times (same)
Bastion’s 2 times (extra 1)
Mercy’s (same)

Still haven’t got:
Either of Torb’s



It’s higher than mine. Of course, that’s not really saying much.


Ranking placements are a joke I agree. But if you are above that rank it’s very easy to push on.


i foun dis


The orisa and bastion skins, dva emote, a bunch of sprays and voice lines, blackwatch at noon, and nothing else really…


I like the Orisa skin, but I don’t really feel it constitutes as a Legendary in my eyes. It looks too much like her Epic OR-15 skin.


What happened?


I think he dropped by 1020 points…just like that.


What do the points even mean?