Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Who do you play?


My sister hasn’t stopped sending me those gifs from her Tumblr account, so I show you one of 'em because they’re funny.


Didn’t Dva’s ult used to hurt her as well? Like with Tracer’s pulse bomb?


In the Beta, I think yes.


Remember when Junkrat used to hurt himself too? :smile:


Oh god he did? I honestly haven’t been playing that long lol


Yup. All of his explosives except concussion mine.

My comment was slightly sarcastic, as that was changed recently.


Ah, so just like Pharah and the Soldier from TF2


Huuu…yeah, expect that Phara don’t perform rocket jumps.


more like soldier with the parachute.

and to the rest, whats wrong with OW? i cant login, even the forums are downnn


I’m on Overwatch currently and it’s fine for me


I don’t have this problem too. Maybe your internet is down?

-Edit: Now I feel like an idiot because I posted this nonsense question.


I flex everyone, prefer DPS.


When you’re playing Junkrat and a Soldier solo Ults your Rip-tire…


these rigs are just painful to look at…

FIRST OFF… THEY have tracers body contorted like she is in heels… and her body wouldnt sit like that out of them…


I no does know Spanish. What am I missing here?


I was saying “Prendiendo las luces” which means, “Turning the lights up”, although you can say either “prender” or “encender”, in Puerto Rico we say “prender” :stuck_out_tongue:


I bet that Lucio and Ana is a good combo when playing in comp. I just hate to lose constantly in comp and not win a single time, I want to make strategies that works.


If players are playing in comp for the sake of beeing toxic to their own teammates, it’s not worth playing comp anymore. Some of them were about to give me a headache.
I reported two of them, both for the communication. The one prevented me from communicating clearly to my teammates and the second one insulted whoever was using the mic expect for his squad.


Played with a Genji in comp who was playing Genji to use the knew skin.