Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Um, are we playing the same character? Yeah, 6 shots, but you can reload instantly if you roll. Damage is amazing, 2 shots most heroes if you headshot. recoil is almost nonexistent, for pretty much any character in this game to be honest.


Yeah but that doesn’t change the fact that McCree is still a straight downgrade to Soldier 76


I play PS4 too :smile: although I’m not very good. :confused: just scraped my way into Diamond. Although apparently there’s an issue with Support SRs atm and I main Ana/Mercy.


@del009 Yeah I was mostly comparing him to Soldier, but I understand I was a litttle overboard. I was also half venting after being constantly killed by a Pharah.


Apagando Las luces!


Prendiendo las luces!


I did a competitive right now, and I took Mercy for a moment. We won the game but when we saw the potg, it was Genji’s ulti from the ennemy team. I saw myself dodging all of his sword attacks like if nothing happened (I really haven’t payed attention to that while healing my teammates). If only I had something to record it, you’d have laughed.


I love Dvaaa


Then I love Zarya.


I love when an enemy Genji gets potg for killing four people… That are instantly rezzed by me.


Who’s on ps4?


Apart from myself and demonhunter I only know of one forumite who plays Overwatch regularly but I don’t know his name on the forums, or if he still uses them.

I play with @SupportMeSunny a lot, but he’s even worse than me. I’m scraping my way in diamond (literally landed on 3000 the first time, and the second time it was 3001. Currently at 3017 I think) he’s barely Gold. Just about 2.1k. But to be fair I’ve had the game a lot longer. I’m level 300-something, he’s 60 something.


Lol, I just want to play with people I know. XP


Kai’s ranked adventure so far.

1 step forward, 2 steps back =3=



Agreed, but that doesn’t mean we should downplay McCree’s strengths. He hasn’t been changed at all (Soldier was just buffed), so he’s technically still the beast that dominated the DPS meta for ages.





I’m top 500 on ps4, but have 3 Smurfs just to play with friends because fuck the rules. I’m on vacation to AZ for 5 days then I’ll be back, but if you wanna add me go for it.


Just got my third legendary. Cadet Oxton skin. o.o



Edit: Although I understand that the gif can be confusing xD