Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I’m not even sure what to say to that, especially 00:07, 00:30 and 00:50


The only one I really want now is the Genji one… I was hoping Ana may get something new this event but alas, nothing.


All I want is Orisa. Mercy’s and Torb’s skins look cool too, but if I don’t get Orisa at the end I’ll only pay towards her.


I want that OR14-Null Sector skin and Combat Medic Ziegler. I currently have the Bastion Null Sector skin, Lieutenant Wilhelm and Blackwatch Waifu.


Got Orisa’s skin and Rein’s only so far >.<

~temptation to buy Genji’s skin rises~



Aaaand now Katt finally jooins overwatch. Better late than never.



And they left at the beginning of the game while I took Mercy. Bunch of assholes!


I’m guessing you’re on console? O.O

And who do you plan on playing mostly? >~<

Have luck and good fun by the way o7

I wanted to say that you have a nice icon.


Yes, I’m on PS4. Uhhhh. I like Sombra and Roadhog.


I finally did the Expert mode (all characters) with a full group. But I haven’t got the achievement for that…
Welp, at least that was a lot of action and coordination, I’d love to do that again with the same scenario.


No Xbox T_T


I have an Xbox one too. XP


I’m on PC…


Looks like I won’t be asking you to play with me >.<

At least you don’t have to see me playing Genji <.<

Roadhog is fun at most times but I never got the hang of Sombra. Strange pick for me indeed O.O

But her Spanish is lovely to listen to though…

Anyways! Have a nice time o/


Add me on psn: demonhunter1245


I just got Blackwatch McCree. I have a total of 15 mins on him. Life is great.

Edit: I remember why I hate him. Shit(ish?)damage with only 6 shots which is impossible to manage. That and the atrocious recoil.


Nah, Reaper can be devastating against tanks because of their big hitscan.


I freaking love sombra.