Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I haven’t got any skin…


Got mercy skin with the one box that they gave me from the start ;D


May or may not have bought 50 loot boxes…


I got mercy bastion I’m the first two I opened.


Nice. I’m hoping for the Mercy and Orisa ones, but the Genji is pretty cool as well.


I try to do the new gamemode, but I always find poorly skilled players. So they rush and don’t cap the turrets, they fall like flies…


hm, tbh none of the skins attracted me. :frowning:

not even the new genji. i just got the pharah’s emote, thats all

i use the green young genji skin, i find that looks better

@Torvald_Stavig u lucky panda

anyone noticed the lucio update? that is so cool imo. it shows the healing range. its easier to find ur team’s medic now as pharah


I always buy twenty-four at the start of every event, which I started doing on the Christmas event.


Oh there’s A LOT of Lucio changes. Like how all of his auras are smaller, and his massive wall ride speed boost.


I got my first legendary.
But it was Orisa’s ._.

Me and my friends were trying to do the Legendary difficulty, but we got rekt by Bastions after the first OR-14 >_<"



We’ll get those achievements soon my dude ;~;


My sister posted this video for fun, but I still post it…for the sake of fun.


At least you actually made it to the damn OR-14’s on Legendary :cry:


o.o haha oh man i have been so ignorant. so idk if thats a good thing about the other 2, but at least we get to see his aura now.

but actually Lucio is suppose to be running to his team mates, not his teammates running to him all the time



That’s arguable. Well that can also run on opinion so :thinking:


Bruh… Ive had 4, and got nothing I’ve wanted, except for Nuclear Selfie.

You know what I’m talking about.

You lucky ass muthafucka. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Getting Hanzo’s emote for the 3rd time and not a single fucking skin is just great.

Also this new 3 offense and nonbarrier tank meta is sooo fun.


Has this been posted before? Eh, fuck it, imma post it again