Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Idem! My BattleTag is Dovakhick #2875. Careful with the name however because the H and the K are reversed


I still haven’t got around to getting OW on PC, it’s still the same price at launch and I wanted to wait until it dropped in price, but doesn’t seem to be, so I’m debating getting it now in June



how much i hate the Overwatch Community sometimes i hv say on a YT Video that " Im a Orisa main and that i really hope i get that Skin or i will stop playing Overwatch " 10 minutes later i get comments like this " I hope u will never get that Skin " " Orisa Main ? Stupid idiot " im so happy that the TRS Community is so nice and great^^



The Origins edition is $10 USD off until April 17th.

However the base game is 40$ on PC. I’d say that’s a steal. Better than a AAA 60$ pricepoint.



Blizz be havin’ some issues…

I just want to see dem skins.


I think this is not longer a problem of queue this time but another problem:


Nevermind, it finally showed the same as Xplosion


That new mode on Legendary is so difficult…

I’ve only made it to the part where you have to defend the payload for 4 minutes and it seems impossible at this point


OMG they fixed Orisas Headshot hitbox finally O.O now she can finally be a real tank it was so annoying to fight aainst a Genji Tracer and sombra because of this huge critbox


Genji, Tracer and Sombras are counters to Orisa. They should still destroy you in a 1v1


yeah sure but not so fast a Genji only need to hit a Orisa 5 times and she was down They are stilll the best counters whit Pharah but she has now a better chance to survive and can make her role as tank better ^^

i think it was like the same problem whit the very old D.Va before her Matrix buff


btw D.Vas Highlight Intro best thing ever xDD if i got everything for Orisa ( i hope ) i will get the Torb and D.Va Highight and the Torb Joern Skins

i didnt wanted to pay money again for Blizzard but i think just for that Orisa Skin i will buy 25 Lootbox beforethe Event Ends


I need both highlight intro’s they are the best


I admit, this is a ridiculous highlight intro


So what skins do you guys have? I got the legendary Overwatch Torbjorn, the Overwatch Mercy, and the purple Overwatch Reinhardt.


I got the new Genji skin and the Rein one.

Im also looking to buy the Widow one just to have it. Funny, after blowing tons of coins on other things like sprays, emotes, and highlight intros I’ve only spent 1000 coins.


I’ve got:

  • Tracer’s 4 times
  • Reins 5 times
  • Genji’s Twice
  • Bastion’s
  • Mercy’s

I’ve been so unlucky with my skins


How many boxes dude? O_o

First box I opened had 3 spray dupes. Classic lootbox.

I did get the Blackwatch Icon which is pretty sweet >~<


i actually share my Overwatch account to 2 other friends. 1 of them is playing right now.

way to abuse it