Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


¯(°_o)/¯ Meh.


I like my Ana and my mercy…


Yeah, I wasn’t trying to say that Mercy is a bad character at all. I play her all the time myself. Ana just has higher HPS, so if you want to play Mercy you have to be on top of things with the rez.


OMG!!! Orisa get a legendary Skin in the new Event O.O She looks like a Killermachine i need 10000000 Lootboxes aaaaaaah !!!



awwww u was faster xD


I need that Mcree skin, finally one I like the look of.

Genji one looks nice too, I don’t like any of his legendaries.



I left my entire Gif collection on my old PC. Goddamn it.



So, as I heard of the characters, Soldier 76 asked the Overwatch team to protect the city of London that has been under attack. That’s all I can say. The omnic attackers are however unknown and the characters did not even mentioned them…so I don’t know what we can expect. I think also that this attack happens in the days when McCree, Genji and some other characters worked for Blackwatch (expect Morison/Soldier 76)



im the only one who think that the Orisa Skin is maybe a OR14 Skin ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Here, I found this comic that might be related to the next update. I was right about the timeline!



I regret touching my currency. From now on, currency will be used only for Genji stuff.


i just used all my currency, as i was thinking… ahhh its a long way till new skin arrives anyway. a mere 200-300 currency left … ;(


Dang man… May your Loot-Box-Opening-Luck be great >_<

Also, play all the arcade >.<


No. No, you are not.


Anyone know when the update will happen?


Not sure maybe later today


“6pm” according to this >.<

Gotta go to work… So I won’t be playing right off the bat -3-

Please no one get Genji skin and make me jelly ;~;