Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Well fuk u 2 m8



I don’t mean to be so critical, but I think it’s a little to early for you to fully understand the ins and outs of her.


Having the 2-man premade on your team badmouthing you and your pals.
Then on the next game, they were on the opposite team <…<:anger:

So you proceed to get PoTG twice on both defend and attack on Hanamura while winning the matches. >_<

I actually got PoTG with Genji ;w;

I got Rein PoTG when we were defending. I wouldn’t play Genji that much >~<

They didn’t say anything after. Just kept silent and left the lobby <.<



12/ you are right, especially for Tanks. Tanks cannot play like DPS and DPS should not play like tanks.
like you said if a Tank chases a lone ranger by the reason of being alone or low health, it is still a very big risk. been there done that, even chasing a low health mercy haha, got me killed. tanks need to play by the objective.

isnt it hard to find a pro Rein? most ppl like to main dps.

12.5/ yeah that is the problem with executing an attack. dps should try to flank. Tank and dps need to work together, they both can act as distraction to help the other. problem is if dps attack and then tank doesnt come or the reinhard charges in but dps don’t follow.

thats why voice communication is so crucial.

wow how did you sneak in with Tracer? you just flash in through? gotta be careful for symmetra’s turrets. hahaha Ana is trying to vs a Tracer

I bet that feels really great, hahaha

oh man that mei pic is so creepy …


I really hate that u didnt see winston so much. He is the best to take away most of the Orisa Counter ( i speak to you my Most hated Cyborg Ninja -.- ) so i can better protect my other Teammates like a Ana, Soldier 76 & Mercy :stuck_out_tongue:


Having so much fun on D. VA. Have only 7 hours on her and I just got 59 Elims with her (my second highest ever). The Shear satisfaction when you eat a hard-earned Ult is overwhelming.

Not very good with my Ult. I always use it in bad positions and it’s so easy for them to avoid that it doesn’t even zone them much. :confused: Still learning



Any1 want to see a ORISA Drawing? ^^ will be hard because of the Details but maybe I will try her ^^

My last Overwatch Artwork was D.Va and this was like 11 Month ago xD


I’m just gonna leave this here


I love how the middle finger is pointed.


and i think im the only one who didnt like it because its Genji :stuck_out_tongue:


Raises hand


I know your weak spot!


Genji did nothing wrong! >…<

~lowers your hand slowly~

I’ll be getting this if it becomes a skin for sure :>


a Beardy Torb Jörn and my wonderful Orisa are great team just defend the Turrt whit my Shield :stuck_out_tongue:


You really like large robotic females, don’t you?

cough cough lennox cough cough orisa


Don’t you ever think about asses! Because if you do, I’d say HOW DARE YOU!


You pervert! (╬ ಠ益ಠ)


That’s not what I mean…