Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


It’s easier on M+K, but I see how that can be a problem. They should include a setting for it.



Genji, Pharah, tracer, anyone other than a tank.


Are you listing characters “hard” to hit/heal for Ana. Cus I confuzed


Mercy is better at consistent (medium) healing and buffing.

Ana is good for burst (big) healing and burst buffing.


I freak out when there is an ana on defense and she gets her ult once in 5 minutes. That means she’s doing a shitty job imo. Mercy is more a defense healer because of the survivability you have when you res 3 people behind enemy lines and they kill the medics. 10/10


Mercy is super inconsistent, with lower healing, shorter range, and less utility than Ana. Literally the only reason to pick Mercy is for the rez; she’s worse in every other way. That would be why the majority of high-level team compositions have Ana and Lucio as support.




Soooo when does the update comeout?


Updates comes in and then all XboxOne accounts start having issues when signing in…

At least Xbox support said that they are working on it.


There was an xbox update?


For all consoles, the Orisa update. :open_mouth:


Oh! Wait… Orisa is out now? #RNFHV#REVNEBV$TEHB


She only released today, so don’t sweat it.

But yeah. Xbox has been having issues since yesterday. Because why not?


Well I didn’t have issues yesterday


Things relating to the Live store went down last night, issues seem to be persisting.


Live store wasn’t down for me. Maybe it happened when I got off to go to sleep


Doesn’t that update go live in like 7 hours?


It’s live, but XboxOne is having issues now. :frowning:


I don’t see any problems