Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I think that would just make it worse.


hahaha, mei is evil huh. i guess,


Mei is already Satan. That’s enough character depth for one person.


He-…hey, I mean’t to say that there’s a link between her laser beam and her personality. The weapon was just about her gameplay, not her autism, gosh dang damn naggit nammit damn dammit dang nammit!




Been saving up loot boxes since a few days after reveal. Currently on 40. Trying to hit 50 before Orisa.


Why don’t you just open then now?


I heard that the boxes already have determined contents before opening…

Keep going and tell me if you get a single Orisa item when you open them. So we can put my suspicions to rest >.<


My initial thought was to do just that and buy what I wanted for Orisa, but I’m always very unlucky with Event skins, so I’m saving the boxes until Orisa has been added to try and save coins by hopefully getting some of her items in some of the boxes. That way I’ll have more gold to buy what I want from the next event.


I’m pretty sure that @Kai is sort of right.

As far as I’m aware, only crates you get after new skins/characters etc. are out will contain the new items.


Oh. :confused:
I mean, I might as well save them to see.


I pretty sure a dev has confirmed it. I’ll go look.

Edit: @SedoUmbra


The best info is she’s getting released next Tuesday for PC and I’m pretty sure console is included. Don’t they update big stuff like that at the same time?

She’s fun to play m, so you will like her I’m sure.


Oh I can confirm this lol.

It was my first loot box hussle I tried

Best thing to do is just save like 12k credits between big updates.


Nuu. Why does big Kapples have to go and crush my dreams? :sob:


Oh I can confirm this lol.

It was my first loot box hussle I tried

Best thing to do is just save like 12k credits between big updates.


Right under that post I answered myself.



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You know, I’ve told myself, CSGO rank don’t matter to me, Overwatch SR dont matter to me. and it really dont, but that’s not good enough.
i still get pretty frustrated, … and that stems from the own team mates.
one issue in OW when they pick a difficult tier character and do not perform well, while having the mindset = “mercy is for noobs”.
i don’t mind if you pick hanzo, widow, but you have to give results. if you pick ana, make sure you heal.

i won a game in Hanamura earlier today without any tanks, both att and def, i was mercy. we had mei, symm, torbjorn, bastion, genji and me as mercy / on att we had junkcrat instead of bastion – nobody complained, since the start. i picked mercy cuz i knew buffing bastion and junkcrat will be very powerful to hold chokepoints. it was fun and we owned the entire game lol.

stubbornness in OW is the lack of understanding(of the game as a whole and the requirement of teamwork) and that pride is involved, because “theyre not pro enough to counter their anti-character”.

how do you tell them? i don’t know what to say that will make them change or listen. to this day, i don’t know what to say. “are you ok with rein?” / dva, can you focus on pharah plz / would you like to change
nothing works.
how do you tell them, hey dps, its not working out, lets swap. its hard to say so, they would be thinking, oh you think i suck?
and man we dont have time to type ingame.

i then decide to be the SUB, i let everybody pick the character/class they want assuming they play the best and i fill whatever role, but nope, eventually our DPS was too weak, or not even targeting the right characters or tank is doing his solo debut and dying. some pick the character I main but do not perform.

why the frustration, cuz my time is being wasted, by the sheer result of 1 player becoming a liability to the team concerning the 1 character lockdown, wasting the hard fought SR points.
i dont have a solution to this day, i dont even pick my main that often anymore because of trying so hard, and failing.

So now, I just play and do my best to suggest in a civilized way, what is better so and so. if they dont listen, fine, but later on the result do prove accordingly. sometimes they do listen and we still fail/lose but i just learn to accept it. “oh, we lost pretty badly there, move on”. i agree, insulting/toxic/salty is nothing of use to the team, you may want to say the things but once you learn its pointless or even worse, ruining the team, you wont.

i even do my best to do callouts as in communication to say what’s where so and so, but we still lose.
in the end, its just acceptance… lol…

so if anyone else here know how it feels, or if you do have a solution, you may share it. and in my opinion the rating of a player is quite flawed, that is why we have so many imbalanced games, but can’t blame them too much, its hard to rate players based on map and characters alike.

there was a game, we were winning 2:0 in overwatch checkpoint comp match, and after both those 2 rounds, a team mate would be taunting/laughing at enemy team. i dont encourage that and for once i was actually glad that we lost that game hahah


Currently trying to make a gamemode with Torbjörns and Meis for both teams…but it’s still empty since 15 minutes.