Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


It’s about farming loot boxes obviously.


I can’t enjoy arcade until I’ve reached Plat ._.

And I seem to be going one step forward and then two steps back in ranked matches

Well, I’ll totes be farming boxes when there’s an event with Genji stuff :>



That’s from Piemations! I know all his “meet the amazing classes” but this one is kind of an exception, and it’s very well animated (I unsubscrived from his chanel because of MLP however, but I still love his animations).




Anyone have more Info on Orisa for console?


Just tweeted confirming next week.


symmetra is autistic, confirmed by jeff. idk if this works to or against it … lol


Doesn’t matter to me.
-says someone who is almost autistic-


You’ve got backup from someone with autism :slight_smile:


So 1 person that is almost, and 1 person who is.
I wonder how many people will say that Overwatch doing that to a character will be offensive to autistic people.

Then again I don’t remember much outcry on Tracer being gay.


If anything it’s improving the diversity, by making a hero have a ‘handicap’ (notice the ’ around the word handicap, since that is a debate I won’t go into)


Héhéhé, I don’t know if anybody knows it here, but I am also autist and I don’t blame the fact that Symmetra have “light” signs of autism because even myself didn’t knew that. I just blame her Photon Projector’s beam beeing DESTRUCTIVE!

This is not a joke, I’m really autist (I don’t seem to be but I am) but it’s reaaally light, not like one I remember who clap and do “HUUUHUUUHUUUUU” for no reason for example, because I went in an education center when I was in the 12th that was called the SESSAD (or “Service d’Education Spéciale et de Soins à Domicile” in the french language) and I can tell you that going there was like going to an asylum. Good thing however that my autism isn’t “severe” so I could have the right to get out of it and never come back.
I can assume you, if you are someone totally normal or almost normal, I would not recommend you to go in a facility like this.


Honestly there shouldn’t be one Jeff clearly stated that he wanted to show how cool autistic people could be so how is that offensive


Everything can be offensive if the person in question wants to be offended.


0_0 then you didn’t checked the forums, so many threads closed and it was the first and last time that I actually saw Mods in there lol.


Tell me if same thing happens for Symetra.


I don’t know about that :open_mouth:

Edit: Actually, I did saw a thread about it and it was a person thanking Blizzard for making Symmetra that way, it was pretty positive.


Her Voice Actress was positive about it when asked as well.


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well, due to symm’s homing beam, i dont know if saying the character autistic is helping either way. its like saying, oh you’re playing an auto-aim/homing character that’s autistic cuz you cant aim

hypothetically, i dont mean any offence which its why i found it funny

why not say someone like mei or mercy being autistic.
despite being autistic, mei can build extremely useful walls. can save lives say a roadhog chain or help an offensive push if reinhard shield is down.
mei is one of the char i can play well but isnt my main

or what about mercy,
mercy is like a ‘blessing’ , does not want to fight, relies on healing/buffing team mates, even so in resurrecting. yesterday i resurrected 4 team mates, twice, same game in both def and attack, feels good :stuck_out_tongue:

a lot of ppl actually hate symmetra… lol. imagine symm bounces on you by surprise and is jumping like a rabbit so you cant shoot her

hahaha thats funny. the outcry in the forums. tracer dont seem gay to me even if they say so. but isnt tracer like the mascot of the game, just like goliath for evolve