Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


That will literally ruin Ana


Eh, not necessarily. It still does its job as a healing booster/denier. Its just half as effective for its other uses.


What’s Ana getting a nerf on. Can’t look at it ATM.


Not more Ana nerfs


Biotic rifle is getting a slight damage nerf, and the grenade a huge damage/heal nerf



Didn’t they nerf the biotic grenade already?


Yep, I think they lowered the effect time down to 4-5 seconds, can’t remember exactly or what the original time was either


Ana is now going to be the new HIGH NOON, They will nerf her to oblivion! :weary: :sob:


So perhaps next Tuesday.


She’s still going to be the most efficient single target healer. Even without the BG burst being as high. It’s just now she’s the best healer without being the best long range DPS support character.


FYI, Orisa doesn’t release tomorrow: [URL]https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20753486180?page=6#post-109[/URL]
Anyway, the Biotic Grenade Nerf will make the good from the bad in Ana’s, more emphasis on healing with their rifle than just relying on Grenade. Also it makes her less likely to survive a 1V1, a strength she didn’t need.


New comic


Oh yeah. I read it yesterday (It’s great) and didn’t even think about posting it here.


All I see is a blank page…



Had to remove the last part for it to work for me


Orisha is a blast to play, right now the PTR is hosting her testing and She has some great ideas about her… her concave shield barrier is pro


Bastion is so adorable >~<
I must play him.


The biotic nade is being fixed!!! Now I’ll play her again…

such fast fixing tho


Andrew JRT threw another video into his chanel.
God, I love Torbjörn!


this really makes me laugh. abusing custom games xDD
scrubs trying to get exp when sr itself dont matter to me

also i see so many goodbye threads there, its getting lame.