Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Wait for 3 hours



That download speed though… you poor soul


I bet that my parents are downloading a movie or something.
But if only…if only Orange could have moved its ass for the optic fiber because we waited for more than 12 month, just for an optic fiber!


Anyone else getting connection problems?


So far 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw o/

For competitive >.<


I got 2499sr.
From my placements.

I found a good team, I shot up ro 2587 with one game.



Monthy, take me with you @_@

Give me the carry /o/

Last season, I didn’t play too much.
I’ll probably just play OW until I get plat >~<

Also, when Osira is released into main servers, I’ll probably play her cus she reminds me a tad bit of Apl Seed O.O


I have enough to buy a legendary skin for her.




Not really feeling it. Hello, Reinhardt 3.0, I guess…


Orisa , jack of all trades master of fucking all



So far my placements were something like that:

1st game: KOTH Ilios - ez win
2nd game: KOTH Oasis - ez win
3rd game: KOTH Oasis - ez win
4th game: 2CP Hanamura - 0-0 Draw
5th game: 2CP Volskaya - 0-0 Draw
6th game: 2CP Volskaya - 0-0 Draw
7th game: Escort Numbani - 0-0 Draw
8th game: 2CP Hanamura - 0-0 Draw

… Plz can we go back to Widowmaker/Genji Meta?


I think Orisa is going to be a tank I actually like.


New phone who dis?


Dis young man is ya Mum!! and ya grounded so none of that over the watch shit! You hear me boy!



Some1 has know that D.VA has leave Overwatch and is now a Wrestler ? :stuck_out_tongue:

i already have make Zarya too still working on more Overwatch Heros ^^ Reinhardt will get a Wrestling Outfit xD


Well, I got gold with 4 wins and a draw >.<

Let the grinding begin ._.


Yesterday, I’ve got 5 gold medals with Bastion…I’m not kidding, I really got 5 gold medals with it! Too bad I didn’t screenshot it…


Gold damage doesn’t count.


I don’t have any golden weapon…dammit.