Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Hoooo, I see what you mean now. This is exciting!


I’m more excited for Genji skins >_<
plz gib

When you change the region, the “play” button turns into “update”.
Click it and it should update O.O

You could also turn on the auto updates >.<
forgot how but you can


Do I need to find the game’s doc to update it?


welcome orisa TO OVERWATCH!


Already been posted.


Too late dude, the video has already been posted


For me it says “install”, but I have another option that says “already installed?” or something like that. If I already have the game, I think I have to search for the doc.


So excited I am sad I don’t have data on my phone to watch it as the school prevents me from watching this stuff ;-;


jeffs head pops out of the ground Uh hey guys new hero go to the ptr
like these releases are random asf!


They’ve been teasing her for about a week.


Everyone knows it on the ptr :stuck_out_tongue:


Orisa is thick af! I LOVE IT! :heart:


OH NO NO NO !! >.<

You have to install the PTR :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s like another whole game.

You may have the Original Game installed already but you’ll have to install the PTR as well o/

(Which is often why I don’t want to have PTR cus laptop :T

Azmi, you’re so lovely >.<


Yep, she’s going to be my favorite hero. :smiley:


Jeff Kaplan didn’t mention PTR.


Orisa looks strong as shit.


So did Bastion. Then people played him.


I don’t know if you mean that he specifically didn’t mention it or not but:


He’s going to be nerfed though, although some complains were exaggerated. Jeff did say that he also found Bastion a little powerful.

I think Orisa looks awesome, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions because I remember that the Overwatch forums got filled with threads about Sombra being OP when they put her in the PTR and then it turned out that they were super wrong lol.


Well then…