Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Noice, she sounds alot like phara




Edit: She’s going to be my main tank xD


so, like the reddit post predicted most of the stuff, meis animated short/orgin story will be next, i think


if she easy to play as Zarya she will be my new Main too that design is so great cant wait for the legendary skins and the abilities ^^


well, her e is almost like a mini zarya ult



Also at around 00:30 in that video Efi mentions Doomfist


Yeah, but i thing that doomfist is gonna be kinda like, a member of talon, just a member


If he’s in the same league as Widowmaker then it ain’t a bad spot right? >.<


i’d say he’ll be like sombrero
just there untill blizzard thinks
"now’s the time!"
and releases him


Hmmm… Maybeeeeee- Doomfist is part of the Talon elite squad which consists of himself, Widow, Reaper and Sombrero and others? :>


This is a fuckin’ beauty!


She’s released today.



on the ptr.


I mean…what…what does it mean?


Public Testing Realm Region >.<

so many edits in half a second dude :stuck_out_tongue:


So you mean that only some regions will be able to play the update?


No. It means that a specific region which tests potential changes is a thing that you can play on on PC. Orisa is there. But not in the full game.


Well ummm… It’s accessible for PC players <.<

Above the play button, you can change your region into “PTR”