Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Hey, you don’t look like a sentry anymore… What’s happened with you? ^.-
Going to have to fix that sometime.


I change from time to time, so soooon. xD


yay new comp season

competitive discussion in a nutshell


One of these is not like the other…


I don’t like nor do I play this game but this is hilarious so it belongs here.


Nu, viddy is wrongo


I have watched all his Git Gud videos. They are hilarious.



######Shut up Dewvohdick…

And what should I do if a ninja cyborg say “I need healing”?


I could see Efi being playable. Perhaps she walks around in a mech?

Everyone keeps saying no way she will be playable its a kid! but you know that Blizzard is giggling.


Sounds familiar don’t you think?


If I am correct it was confirmed by Jeff that Efi will not be playable but she will play a major role in the story of the next hero


Maining Mercy like:
Ich kümmere mich um dich!


Has Scatter arrow always done 400 damage? Just got destroyed when playing Roadhog.

Speaking of Roadhog, I think he was nerfed too hard. The hook doesn’t bring enemies as close, which is fair since you can’t really 1 shot Zarya at all, but the primary fire is still inconsistent (always was) that this seems too much now. It’s almost impossible to kill anything other than a tank because of how unreliable his shotgun is.


Tries to make a 4V1 boss fight…spawns off-map.


OMG the new Hero got revealed its really a ank Robot whit 4 legs O.O maybe i found my ne 2nd main :stuck_out_tongue: she looks so nice


Pics or eer didn happen


#A robot!!

It’s like a hybrid between tank and support! Can’t wait to use it :smiley:



i didnt wanted to make a Spoiler but here :stuck_out_tongue:

looks very nice i mean 4 legs xD


Ooh so excited! I will watch the trailer when I get home