Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I will be getting this for my birthday!:heart_eyes:


Does anyone know if it has a dota/lol ranking system?

I’m having doubts for the longevity of the game. It might be another Evolve/Titanfall.


Dang it now that you say that I want to buy 50 crates


That is SO dope! The girl’s pic is really cute and they made it into a character I would love to have in-game.


I must ask, I’ve been looking at overwatch for a while, but I’m not sure if I should get it. I never got into the open beta (I was away that weekend), haven’t watched that much gameplay (although the little I’ve seen looked really good) but I have seen all the shorts, and I’m just asking for everyone’s and anyone’s honest opinion:)


My honest opinion? It’s one of my favorite games ever. I love it. And I have a lot of fun playing it.


Is there tax?


I really wish it had a CTF (Capture the Flag) type game mode. “push the payload” and “King of the Hill” aren’t my favorite modes.

But that’s all we got, so…

I was thinking of holding off on buying it, but now I hear that the $40 dollar pc version is only controlled by Blizzard…meaning it won’t go down.

Might just buy it now and whatever.


I don’t think ctf would work that well because everyone would just be tracer


I’ve had little to no problem with Bastion since launch. I don’t understand the complaining .


I gave into the temptation…


I laid my opinion out over on the Overwatch forums:

TL:DR; you’ll probably enjoy it, most seem to, but don’t bother if you don’t like frequent mechanics that take control away from your character in an FPS environment.



Glad to see that some of them listened, and actually read it. Good on you for sharing your experience.


I completely agree, I expected more modes. I never play Payload nor king of the hills in TF2 because I don’t enjoy enjoy it that much, CTF though, love it. So yeah, kinda disappointed with that, but I’m still having fun :slight_smile:


So many lazy readers in there lol.


Instagibs galore. This is my biggest complaint about the game. I feel that, whenever I get instagibbed, it’s not relayed properly or that requires much skill. Roadhog is super annoying, once you’re hooked it’s GG. McCree and Fan the Hammer requires no skill at all. Throw a stun, hit L2, win game.



Kidding. <3
Seriously, do you expect not to read on an online forum? XD


Yep, far too much of it in the game. Some of it is low skill floor, some of it is high skill floor, but for me you have two classes of character, the first is far too easy to use to ruin other people’s enjoyment (even if doing so doesn’t necessarily translate to team wins… welcome to the dichotomy of a game that doesn’t know if it’s a team death match or an objective based FPS)

Roadhog: That instagib combo, it’s ridiculous. When you face teams of multiple roadhogs that hide behind a reinhardt shield you know you’re hitting rock bottom in the game. His self heal is ridiculously risk free too

Soldier 76: Too tanky for an offense character and has by and far the most ridiculously OP ult of the whole game.

Genji: Requires skill to unlock his level of annoyance, but once attained he has very little in the way of counter and is disorienting as fuck.

Mei: A weapon that basically means as soon as you’re hit by it (the freeze effect) you’re done for unless you have a jump/boost. Stupid self heal ability to save herself when she’s not timed that killer combo right. Ridiculous Ult to just take her basic attack to a wider group level of annoyance

McCree: Flashbang fan roll fan. Everyone knows it, it’s ridiculous.

Mercy: That team revive, has no place in a game as fast paced as this, especially since it comes up so frequently for just holding the mouse button down and having a basic sense of self preservation

Tracer: No skill Ult with almost no time to avoid, packaged in a fun character unless you’ve got to actually try to keep track of her. The lazy man’s Genji.

Reinhardt: Shield for days, but it’s actually his ult that knocks you on your arse and leaves you frustratingly immobile for what feels like an eternity that is most bullshit. Combo’d with his other abilities is a ridiculous stun lock combo.

Bastion: Sitting on a payload, shielded by Rein, using his sniper minigun. Top notch bants.

This isn’t to say those people above are OP, they’re just showing all the negative traits of online gaming.

Then you have heroes that actually seem to just rely on fulfilling their role correctly. They don’t have killer combos, or easily gained and uncounterable ults, they rely on the rest of their team pulling their weight so their advantages can be gained through them. This is why I said that the game is confused and doesn’t have a meaningful sense of direction. If I’m going to be facing roadhogs, mccrees and meis then tbh I want EVERY hero to have a bullshit combo ability or ridiculously OP ult that can be used to counter balance it. It’s silly that some people can play a very teamwork based comp but just get torn apart because of the brutality and swiftness of the way some characters can utilise their combos.


Exactly. I really enjoy the game when the vast majority of those characters, I think Reinhardt, and 76 are fine, aren’t in the same match as me.

This is how I feel about Zenyatta. He’s really good and highly effective when the team is, but when the other team runs Widowmaker or Roadhog I can’t do a damn thing. I understand that those characters are counters to my character, but they shouldn’t completely stop me from doing my job. If they made more characters like Zenyatta, as in how they are used when with a proper team, I’d find the game a lot more enjoyable.


His ultimate has definitely gotten a significant nerf. You could barely graze someone before and kill with one hit. No longer the case. I wish they were more open with posting actual values. It feels like other things have been slightly tweaked as well. Like call me crazy but I swear the 100% arm time for widowmakers sniper has increased by like 100ms. I had the timing for that full charge down to a science and its definitely off now.