Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


it was requested by someone that a post-launch overwatch thread was made, so i made it.

enjoy :smiley:

Overwatch opens early patch test server
Overwatch General discussion
Anybody else realize torbjorn is a magic dwarf?
Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread
Is this a TRS member that I played with?

hmm, we already have a general one… Don’t see why we need another


was requested by @niaccurshi.


Too many posts


Have you guys heard of Blizzard making concept art based off a young girl’s fan art?


Yeah, and the second comment was someone being upset about it.

I thought it looked like a neat character.


I mean we could have asked @Plaff to do his special clear the thread magic but noooooooo



We only really do that for the Random topic.


Is this even more general than the general thread? Will the butts rise once again to reclaim the topic? Will the highlight reels be dope af? The possibilities are endless. New land! New frontier! Overwatch!


All I see is people playing Overwatch on Discord, then that one person playing Battleborn. xp


People in Discord see me playing The Witcher 3 atm. Waiting for a friend, she’s bound to be around in 3 or 4 hours.


2 achievements in one match with Geni.


Attack begins in 30 seconds.


This is why Mercy is situational…
You don’t just spam Q because people are dead, and this is why Lucio is the safer choice in any situation really.


I can buy 2 legendary skins too.

Well, hello Sparrow Genji.


How do you have so many coins?


I paid for the 50 crate pack. I work too much to level, so the solution? Use what I work for to get what I want in the game. xD


Basically, by level 50 you can expect 6+ legendary skins, plus 1-2 chosen legendary skins.

14 legendary skins right now for me.



Remember, Bastion’s OP. He has no counters, as everyone on the forums continues to spam…

So many threads still demanding he be nerfed.