Overwatch is going Free To Play for One Weekend (consoles only)


But why even bother F2P at all? Is there Trouble in Paradise?


Because steam makes it all the time and it’s always a good move to try out games.


I never knew one of the most successful IPs this year with a large player base is having troubles. /sarcasm

It’s console only for the free weekend by the way.


Oh, okay then.

I was about to be kind of pleased and try it out lol. Thanks for telling me before I got my hopes up and then had them smashed. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just found it odd that one of the hottest selling games with more players than it knows what to do with would ever consider even a single F2P weekend on any platform.

And why so specific to consoles? My first thought would be: “The console version must be selling below expectations”.

But I wouldn’t know for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why would that be the case? It’s a marketing strategy, try before you buy.
Works. With everything. Cars, drugs, sweets, games, movies etc.

Why would they not do this? They did it with wow all the time. Even starcraft had a free to play mode. It’s far better to demand 60bucks for a game and then you get negative reviews because people felt ripped off.


Of course. Of course… but why no F2P weekend for PC? :stuck_out_tongue:


Dunno… I would have loved that to get my friends hooked…
Might investigate.

Riddle solved wow just release a major update so they dont want to divert those players.


What you find might actually be more intriguing than the article I linked to. :wink:


See above. Also there seems to be code all ready in place for a free trial mode… Funny stuff.


Between this and EVE Online… It seems everyone’s dipping their toes these days in some kind of F2P strategy.

Part of me feels TRS’ initial results with EVOLVE were definitely encouraging.


This isnt new. This is as old as gaming. Remember when you could download a demo for every game?


Except when you don’t actually like what you tried

I was planning on buying overwatch and changed my mind after 1 day of testing


I’ll try it out.


it’s hilarious, most people will probably be playing BF1 beta this weekend!


i tried. it didnt find a match. i quit…


wow, really? you haven’t heard of PoodleCorp’s DDOS? servers are okay now.


oh… no i did not :smiley: so i try again tomorrow


sure thing comrade! and if you like, than definitely see if you can get full game!

(note: don’t worry if the map gets stale, even more will be in full release.)


That’s interesting…