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Aww shiet, new animation with ma boi!


It’s another thing that annoyed me. I felt the game looked like it’d avoid this micro transaction model, so getting shit you didn’t want wouldn’t matter as there would be plenty of opportunity to get it over time… Clearly they’d rather just milk the impatient.


I got 2 legendary skins I wanted on Zenyatta by like, level 60. So it’s not a terrible system, simply annoying.


Im not trying to claim this game has some immense depth because it doesnt but its far from a mindless shooter mashup. I felt similarly as you did initially but I was also playing alone and very rigidly. This hero for attack, this for defense, this one for this map, ect… I was also put off by what I then perceived as the cheese you describe until I embraced the rock paper scissors nature of this game.

I finally started to analyze what was going on. Okay this hero keeps wrecking my shit each round. What is their weakness? Who can exploit this? Which other hero could I coordinate with to amplify my exploitation of said weakness? There is an answer to everything in this game.

Matches between good coordinated teams become interesting power struggles. Its very rewarding to get rolled for most of match only to finally find that perfect comp that just slices the other team like a hot knife through butter.

Perhaps you choose not to see the depth to make yourself feel better for getting easily cheesed. Or perhaps your shallow view and play of the game is what leads to you being cheesed.

All this damn cheese talk. Now Im hungry. Time to get Gouda.


I played for as long as I could, probably some 30 hours, during the open beta and another 6 or so since release. I’ve played with friends and without, and haven’t been rigid to specific characters because that’s not how I roll. I’m an old soul of this kind of thing, and I feel I get how these games work. I got cheesed by Mei, so what did I do? I went Mei and cheesed the shit out of people (three rounds of top eliminations on the team, she’s that easy). When they countered me? I cheesed the shit out of them with McCree. I’ve won games and felt bored, I’ve lost games and felt cheated by the game mechanics. On very rare occasions I’ve lost or won closely and legitimately enjoyed the fine balance that those rounds appeared to be in. I know that fun times can happen, it’s just a shame they’re so rare.

Edit: Aside, there was some rules changes made to Formula 1 qualifying this year, and it led to drivers not even leaving the pits because of the “more exciting” knockout format because the time would run out mid-lap and knock them out before they could register a time. It led to the track being more empty as teams would decide not to use their tire resources and car engines on a folly. This game reminds me of it, with stupidly short timers on all objectives other than pushing the payload, ridiculous timers for defenders to return to battle compared to attackers that have to travel greater distances, you sometimes reach a point in the game where you know that you have to change your team composition, but that it’s actually not worth it because by the time you get your ult up, and get the team grouped, and make your play, the game will be over. The game is so unresponsive to change (except in the case of about half a dozen characters that are overly useful in this game) that you can find yourself as much as a minute from the end of the game going… “Well… that’s that”

I’m not denying there are “counters”, though I laugh at the concept of them being diverse or having any depth, I’m saying the game is predictable and has a complete lack of care for the fun of the individual player. It’s something I intend to bring up in my larger dissection of the game (because I do care for it, I think it has potential, much of it missed unfortunately, and I believe respectful negative opinions are worth a great deal), it’s like Blizzard looked at a load of games that I’ve enjoyed playing in the past and took the one or two elements of those games that were anti-fun, frustrating, and caused people to complain and have amplified them in to core character traits. It’s actually crazy.

People that are happy to grind their way to their Ult being ready in order to try and break the combo of the other team, or happy to go through frustration until they manage (with luck, in the case of playing with random team mates) unlock the right mix of characters for the differing co-ordination and skill levels between the two teams, are going to enjoy Overwatch no doubt.

I said it before and since playing the game again (the gap between being very helpful to provide clarity on this) I’ll say it again… if I want a game that’s just like Overwatch, but actually fun, and actually responsive in the state of countering the opposing teams play style, I’ll take TF2 which in pretty much every comparable way, considering it’s over a decade old, outperforms what Overwatch is trying to do. Which is saying something.

Note: I haven’t really played TF2 properly for more than a couple of hours since the start of 2015.


Just won with a Genji rush. Man…this is too fun.


i have 9 if i include the origin edition skins, i have the gearbot for bastion and junker for D.va.


I’ve got 12 skins if I include the Origin skins.


i meant legendaries.


Thanks for getting in contact about your request :slight_smile: in this case we can help with a refund, but that would be an exception and means further refunds will not be available within 6 months, and that the game and all preorder bonuses will be fully removed from the account.

Well, credit where it’s due, thanks Blizzard for not making me regret giving Overwatch a second chance.


8 legendary skins, but several epics for me. Level 8 in game.


Holy crap. We need a new post-launch thread. This one is too long to read.


Someone make it, I’ll close this one up


OMG! I need Junkrat’s Hayseed or scarecrow skin :heart_eyes:

I’m also having tons of fun with him, mine jumping and trapping people :stuck_out_tongue:


I like Jester on him personally.

But in all honesty, Sparrow Genji is one of my favourites. I was asking for a younger version of him constantly in the closed beta forums, they delivered.


hey guys, i made the post launch thread as requested by @niaccurshi. I suggest we move all current convo there.


Now that is an argument I can respect. Holds a lot more weight than just saying I fail to see the depth and Id like a refund. No there isnt much depth to the 1:1 counters its really pretty cut and dry. I find interest in the counters to full coordinated team comps. I do have some fun with pubs but its pretty hit and miss and the real enjoyment comes from custom matches with full teams kind of like how evolve boiled down to.

Maybe your opinion will sway as the game progresses now that its fully launched. Open beta was a mess of mindless morons teamed with people that had been playing the game nonstop for 5 months. Hopefully the pub scene will be better once matchmaking starts being effective.

Ironically I pretty much feel about tf2 how you feel about overwatch and have from its launch even playing with a clan Id been with since CS 1.3.

Perhaps you are the mirror version of me.


There’s little to complain about the micro-transactions. The stuff is pure cosmetic and completely optional. Overwatch is providing free characters and maps post launch which keeps everyone on the same playing field and doesn’t fragment the playerbase.

Though I’ll admit they should just let people buy certain cosmetic items for cash and have loot crates give people multiple items for chance of a rare.



Since this is a popular thread, and the game is now newly released and as such may have new people interested in it, we’ll start a new one over here: