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Hopefully this isn’t a duplicate :frowning:

Anyways I got to try the open beta last night and here are my thoughts.

The game is good has good aspects for a shooter. I really enjoyed it! There seems to be a class for everyone’s play styles. The controls feel ok I am not a fan of the d-pad switch weapon but there will most likley be a control switch thing. The Gameplay is smooth I usually lag all the time at night but I didn’t on overwatch. Now There is only one problem I have here. The medic who I count as a real medic is a female and I like playing males as it is my gender! ;-;

overall I rate it 8/10 :stuck_out_tongue:

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What everyone's opinions on Overwatch's beta..?
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Every single button is re-bindable.


Yeah I thought so :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s even so in the Beta. Just got to controls and change them.


yeah the only problem is that I want it y but I got used to my super being y :frowning:


I immediately changed it to right on the D-pad.


what are your thoughts on the beta?


I think it’s really good. The game can be incredibly frustrating though. Lots of the time I get paired with people who don’t even play the objective, making me switch up my role entirely just so that we can get a chance at winning.

The lack of choice on game modes is very frightening as there are less objective based/easier game modes in the game that I should have the option to play.


Yeah I haven’t played online against other player YET I am still learning against bots :stuck_out_tongue:


Lucio is a very good medic style Support character. He plays a lot like Emet or Rogue Val, but he heals faster.


Seems like you’re all good!


For ease of everything let’s just make this the main Overwatch thread for now :slight_smile:

I played a bunch of it this afternoon, it feels very good, has that same early days problem of people not knowing what the hell is going on either with objectives or maps, but that’s to be expected. It’s a lot of fun, like I thought from watching it, it’s the modern day TF2.


Pharah= The best


“Die! Die! Die! Die!” Reaper, 2016.


I’ve not tried everyone but I really like Tracer and Symmetra at the moment. I tried D.va and while the character is super cool, I don’t understand how she’s able to be called a tank :stuck_out_tongue:


Love it, Reinhardt is my boy, but Reaper and Hanzo have become my secondaries.


I can only find him to be good if my team is good.


I might main Mercy that’s the only healer I like I just wish she had a male skin or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Maining Mercy here, but I’m slowly picking up Lucio, he’s a LOT of fun.


I might try him today your the second person to say he is fun