Overwatch Early Access Codes

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I really just wanna know. Has anyone else has pre-ordered theirs via Amazon?


if anyone has an extra X1 code, I would very much appreciate it! very exited for this release. Thank you in advance.


Turns out they’re sending them in waves! Anyone need a PS4 code when I get mine?


I’d take it, if I don’t get my code.


Hello random person welcome to the forums

check this out

Hope your here for awhile

also it seems no one on xbox has pre-ordered here on the forums :frowning:


thanks for the welcome, glad to be here.

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guess it might be us three waiting for the 5th to play ;-;

me, @Rapterror, and you


I pre-ordered from the marketplace on Xbone on the 29th so i guess i should be able to play the beta but where do i get my codes? I’ve gotten no e-mail or message.


You should be able to download it once it’s available on the store. You’ll only get an email for the second code for a friend.


again welcome to the forums

hope your here for awhile :stuck_out_tongue:

give either @Rapterror or @DevilDriv3r84 the second code I can wait :wink:


As Shunty said :

As long as you preordered early enough during the day. Not quite sure what time the cut-off was


Cheers! :slight_smile:


The description on the store for Overwatch on the Xbone says “In addition to ALL digital pre-orders , get 48 hour early access to the beta!”


Just gonna put my name on the list just in case :smiley_cat:

I can wait for the 5th but a little earlier would be awesome.


This is just fucking fantastic. Amazon say that Blizzard are responsible for the hand out of PS codes yet Blizzard say it’s Amazon’s responsibility. Looks like I’m not getting a code…


Wait another hour, codes should be out by then.


Hope so, I’ve been hyping this up all month. I really don’t wanna be let down now.


Same here man.


I just want to play Tracer already… :sob:

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