Overwatch Early Access Codes


Thought it’d be good to have a place for spare Early Beta Access codes.

Also, if you use the code, please say that you’ve used it so people don’t have to try already-redeemed codes.

Also please specify the platform for the code

Redeem codes here : http://battle.net/code


You might want to add in PC to the title.


All platforms have EA codes, right?

So as long as people specify what platform the codes is for, it’ll be fine, right?


No, only PC does. If I go on the PS Store I can only type in a 12 character code, nothing less or more.


Pre-purchase the PS4 or Xbox One version of Overwatch: Origins Edition digitally through the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store (coming soon), and you’ll automatically be flagged for early access to the Open Beta on your console.

Before the Open Beta early-access period begins, you’ll also receive one additional early-access key (valid only for the same platform)."


That’s a 12 character code. Those codes are specific for that platform and console.


That’s what I’ve been saying o.0


Oh, my apologies. I misunderstood.


Is there a specific time that the codes will be released?


Early access begins in 6 hours. Should have your code by now, if you pre-ordered in time.

If you’re using Gmail, be aware that it’s probably in the “promotions” tab


Dang I never got to play overwatch will there be a demo ;-;


The open Beta is on the 5th.


Do you know what Email it would come from?


Whatever email you signed up for beta/battlenet with or whatnot.



I know that, I’m just wondering what Email it will come from. Will I get it from the BlizzardEntertainment email I usually get updates from, or another?





I bought mine for PS4 off Amazon and still havnt gotten mg code. Anyone else having this too?


"Pre-purchase Overwatch at a selected retailer, and your retailer will give you two Open Beta early-access keys for your specific platform before the early access period begins—one key for you, and one for a friend. Distribution varies by retailer, so check with them for additional details.

If you previously pre-purchased Overwatch at a selected retailer, contact your store to find out how to receive your early-access keys."

First off, I’d check the different areas of your email, to make sure if didn’t get put somewhere like spam, or promotions.

If you still haven’t received any emails with a code, then try contacting Amazon?