Overwatch Beta


I’m curious. Is anyone else in the beta that wants to group up sometime? I’ve got around 8 players I play with right now, wouldn’t mind adding more to that list to get out of pubs.
I’m level 45, main is Zenyatta.


Still outside in the cold… can’t join the cool kids ;.;

Tell me… how is it on the inside? :<

A guildie of mine has a beta invite but he isn’t using it… says it’s too “Moba meets FPS” for him… I weep for the wasted key…


I got beta access on day 2 of the first beta, the second wave that released. In other words, the wave after the streamers.
Game’s actually really fun, I can’t stop playing it. : P
Kind of blows the key is wasted though, the beta is kind of small. We need another one or two waves. I see the same people day by day.


I think it’s got quite the pool of interest for the beta, too. Guess they’re keeping it small for now though. Bleh. Maybe soon (TM Blizz).

Thinking of trying out Tracer first. If I can get the hang of the warping, she looks like fun. Always enjoyed the roles that were squishier but fast/elusive :stuck_out_tongue:


Warping is very easy to get the hang of, don’t worry.
She’s easy to play with a high skill ceiling.
The hardest part is knowing when to use your reverse skill.


I’m in there ripping it up and streaming it :3


Yeah, we met in game already.
Small beta, huh?


Wish I could play the beta but I’m not an MLg or 1 million subscribers Youtuber. :frowning:


Ahah Yeah I know just adding to the thead ;D


Oh hey shin I’ll add u up on battle.net we can party in overwatch :slight_smile:


Tag’s Tora#1617.