Overpowered Weekend Event Questionnaire!


Hello Everyone!

If you participated in this weekend’s Overpowered Event, we would love to know what you think!

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Your feedback is very important to the future of Evolve!

Thank you for your time. :heart:


Oooh interesting! That’s a great way to get feedback



I really enjoyed the weekend although you guys have a habit of picking the worst possible weekends for this stuff. I kinda wish there were more events such as the 10x XP since I had gotten all of my elites before and it pains me not having them now.

This was a chance to get them however with the unfortunate timing I couldn’t gain anywhere near as much an advantage as I would’ve liked to.


Yea! More questions!


Yeah it was hard to decide between elites or Titanfall 2


My favorite part was the multipliers. They made it feel like my time spent playing was much more worth it.

As for things keeping me returning, new variants for characters and new game modes are top of the list. Though i did just burn myself on evolve hard to get 23 characters to level 40, as soon as you release the next variant I’ll be back.

Honestly there were really no bad parts for me except maybe the 4-ish hackers i met, even though it was bots and there were no negative effects for me (4-ish being the times i ran into them. There were only two but i was in solo queue and got placed with one three times along with two other players)


I play whenever I can. Every day if there is the chance.

Positive thing though, I really like the new map variant overpowered (more than cataclysm even) it’s really something “relaxing” for both sides.

Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to more content :slight_smile:

  • Titanfall 2

  • Dead By Daylight

  • Evolve


  • Necropolis

And at least one other are all the games I play now that had something going on this weekend… Like really… Evolve couldn’t have timed this any worse.


I had to make my abomination on warframe first.


What in the world is that abomination of a kubrow and how do i make one.


you splice kavat DNA with kubrow DNA, can’t do it anymore on PC but you can on consoles until Tuesday.


Console players be like

Tablet players be like


I really enjoyed the 10x bonus stuff, but I think I enjoy the challenges more. Stuff like “as a community, win x games as y character” or whatever are always fun.


I loved the weekend, got the perks I wanted and some hunters.

I do worry a little for the future though.
With events like this, how are you going to make money in the future?
I have the forunate position to spend some money on games, and lets be honest, the people at turtlerock need to eat just like all of us.
It are the so called walletwarriors that keep free to play games alive.

This weekend I grinded everything I needed to play the game for the coming months.

Please open the shop and FFS do NEVER EVER make it pay to win.


Yeah its was an awful time. Titanfall 2 was on beta so a lot of people flogged to consoles, DbD had new maps and characters along with a free weekend (to test matchmaking i presume) and I think something cool might had happen in SMITE this week.


Well i liked the op weekend less the XP boost now everyones level badges are indifferent.

You know the weekends should be reserved for OP and Cairaclysm as to get surges of people playing on weekends.

Lil special things like that are nice.


You know… in bet our stats get reset again


Had work all day Saturday, and half day Sunday :’(

Oh welp, maybe next time :smiley:


i like the event. it was good to get some of my lovely hunters to elite, well some not everyone. still i have a issue with renegade Abes gas grenade, it’s hard to tell how long it last on the monster when you throw the Gas grenade since the effect last really short. some visual effect would be nice, but other then that i like this variant. cant wait for P-Parnell to storm into this game. i am mortally curious.