Overly aggressive bot hunters


After playing a few rounds of the new solo hunt mode in the training menu, I have noticed that the bot hunters are really aggressive and kill anything and everything they see. This makes sense for the sloths and reavers and such but they are also killing the harmless animals like the striders and spotters. As someone who likes to play the single player part of the game just as much as the multiplayer I am mostly wondering if this is a bug or intentional new game design.


As far as I know they’ve always been trigger happy.


From what I remember and I could be wrong back in the original evolve the bots would only attack most wild life if you shot first, except the aggressive wildlife. It especially seems strange to kill the spotters since they help the hunters with their calls.


Maggie was my bane in legacy, she attacked anything that happened to look her way.


We did do a revamp of the AI system to go with the other changes in the game. Here’s an option that could help you out as the Monster in Solo. Go to Training, and instead of choosing Hunt go to Custom. In the Map Menu, choose Game Settings. There is a difficulty setting there and you can toggle it to Favors Monster.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the advice but I was actually talking from the hunters perspective. I dont have a problem with the difficulty or even the AI behavior really. I think its all really polished now over all. I was just curious if their aggression towards the docile wildlife was intentional.


I did this and I was still having a bad time with the Hunters


Trying to dodge mortars and mininukes like

(I had to :stuck_out_tongue:)


Sorry but this made me laugh so hard the way you said it xD a scene suddenly came in my mind:

Player: oh a tiny spotter :smiley: !!
looks at tiny cute spotter
Player: don’t worry, i won’t kill you! you are so cute! I’ll call you spotty!! :smiley:
Hyde Bot comes in and kills the spotter
Player sad face
Dramatic violin
Hyde Bot: threat eliminated


Yeah, I’ve noticed the bots will go full ape-shit on anything that is even remotely considered local fauna on Shear. Due to the lower overall health of wildlife and passive Hunter regeneration, its not a big deal, even if they start shooting at distant Nomads and Sloths. It just seems a little weird they’ve become so damn bloodthirsty.


I dont why but this AI behavior is staring to be alittle annoying especially when I have abe on the team. He will dart the wildlife and then immediately kill what he darted so it starts decaying long before the monster can eat it. I’m starting to think this actually is a bug. Seems like a strange way to go if it was on purpose.


it’s so sad that the AI made Sunny :sunny_face: kill all this harmless wildlife! :cupcake:


@RaymondLukes and @Insane_521 What are your thoughts on this?


Yea this is a bug. I’m pretty sure is on the list but I’ll make sure.


I kind of like this bug. You get the adrenaline rush Online and not with bots, with bots it was boring because they were so easy to beat. But I understand because it’s now called “Training” :stuck_out_tongue: