Overlord... what happened?

This trailer…

It makes me go


Why would they do this!? I loved Overlord!

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Oh come now, really?

Quit making spinoffs already.

That being said, at least the franchise is still around.

Still want to see a main series title again though.

It looks like they made it into Gauntlet or something. :cry:
Overlord was an awesome game.

Spinoffs? You want endless spinoffs, look at Kingdom Hearts. I loved that series and that killed it with the hundred spinoffs for ten years. I don’t even care one iota about KH3 now :/.

I have played overlord though a while back! It was fun but… I only played about an hour because it seemed a little basic to me. Did it ever get more in-depth and amazing? I must know if I should go buy a copy!

It was an awesome game! I hope the actual Overlord game will come out at some point…

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Wow I loved the overlord games but this is just plain bad. I want a real sequel not this ripoff of a game.

I wouldn’t say it got more in-depth but it was a nice game to sit back and relax to. It didn’t require too much thinking but it was a fun game.

It was fun and skirmishy not actual in depth game. Though it was so much fun! I married Rose too :blush:

Sounds like a good $10 game then! I’ll see if I can find it on sale sometime ^_^.

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im happy to see a co op overlord game ^^ gnarl has his same old personality and hopefully no we get to see these prospective overlord given a form of personality aside from dark forboding merciless… . OH WHO AM I KIDDING thats still fine

This new Overlord looks like a carbon copy of FORCED.

I’ll play it! It looks like Overlord meets Gauntlet which is win/win in my book!

Wait, what?! Why wasn’t I invited to the wedding @MidnightRoses ?

Also, did anyone else find it easier to play using a controller?

Rose is my waifu! I won’t abandon her for her sister!

Since Rose is your waifu, I take it you have no objections of me moving on Val?

In overlord she is my waifu

In real life Val is my overlord

So in Evolve she is free

Nope. All Markovs buddy, tough luck