Overhype equals Overkill?


Ok so I have been with Evolve since the Big Alpha, I have puchased both season passes (even at full prices for both of them) and I have purchased many of skins. I know people are getting insanely excited about the next monster, but at what point does the hype start to kill off the game. I mean do we have to go through attacking the developers for the t5 medic and support as well? I find it personally disgusting that people freak out like this, when they never claim to reveal anything at any point in time. I let go of my hype about a month ago, and to be honest I am enjoying the game much more now than from before. For anyone who watches the streams, chill out please, it not only frustrates the devs but also the other who are there just to enjoy a weekly show every Thursday. TRS says how great of a community we have, but I have a heard time seeing that when people attack others and belittle the devs to no point. You knew what the description said on the Hunting Season Pass 2, so stop acting like children and be patient. If you cannot hold out, then play something else for a bit to get your mind off of it. Fallout 4, Halo 5 BLOPS 3, are all coming out soon, and on top of that there are other games right now like Destiny, and Smite to play. Fuck go play some just dance and have some fun, but please knock this non-sense off. The game is rate M for mature, so be mature.


Are you talking about people here? No one here that I’ve seen is like this.


I was namely refferring to people on stream


Ah, okay. Yeah, Streams get cray.


I just feel bad for Shane and Jess you know.


I know, some of the comments were bumming me out to the point that I hid the comments. I think the people who are assholes on there keep it down here so as not to get banned.


I haven’t made a Twitch but I watched the whole stream. People were real rude in the comment section. :confused:

Probably not many forum members. Nobody I recognized. But it bummed me out as well.


They where quiet friendly for a twitch-chat.


Sad fact :

Twitch chat is almost every time 99% AIDS


I get why people get frustrated though. With Lennox and Jack the time between teasers, real info and release was relatively short compared to the month of tease we get now.
When playing with a dog, if you wave the toy in front of him too long, he’ll either lose interest or get aggressive. Same thing happens with the community. TRS has been dangling a bone in front of us for weeks now and never even let us sniff or lick it.

I’m not saying that the behavior on stream chat is ok, quite the contrary. just saying i get why people are frustrated, although i don’t like the way they deal with that frustration.


Lol thats a good one, ive seen it plenty…


Hang on is there a weekly chat from the developers of evolve :flushed:

Where can I watch this ?


It’s been over 2 1/2 months since Jack was released, people are bound to be salty that it’s been so long and all we have so far are the Instagram teasers and the sound clip teasers (not saying I support them attacking the devs or other players), and then when you factor in the fact that if the monster is released in a week then we’ll only get about 2 weeks to play the new monster before losing a massive chunk of the playerbase to all the new games coming out which will make the matchmaking to play the new monster even worse, they’ve got even more reason to be irritated about the whole situation. Obviously it’s wrong to attack players and devs about the whole issue and the way many people are handling it is very immature, it’s not hard to understand why they feel the way the do, especially if you loved the game from the beginning and have to see what’s happened/happening to it.



Oh really? Name one example.


That… is the best analogy I’ve read in a while lol and very accurate.


there was some thread a while back where the person was complaining about markov being OP. instead of everyone trying to help them a bunch of “regulars” were just ganging up on the person while i and 1 other person were trying to offer advice. But since they had made that account just to post their thread idea clearly its clickbait or fake. When really who knew? No one. I just think its ridiculous to be like that to someone is all. Then i call out a few people, not even by name, and i get labeled a bad guy in that thread because i called out a few people for being bullies HA what a joke.

There’s your one example


That’s… What? :joy:

You do realize that this thread has absolutely nothing to do with that, right? This thread has to deal with people being so hyped and impatient to receive new content that they are jerks to the Devs. What you just said has literally nothing to do with anything.


I’m with @Rapterran… Did you get the wrong topic…?

Agree with the OP. It’s so annoying seeing people ask about reveals and info in weekly streams. I’m sure it’s just as much of a pain for the devs, which is why I try to address them myself when I see them, so they don’t need to sweat it as much. How many times does a single thing need to be repeated…

@Shaners Could we perhaps get commands made specifically for this? Saying things such as “TRS will let you know beforehand if a reveal is going to take place in a particular stream” and “This is our weekly Thursday stream where we discuss yada yada”.


Evolve is a fun and unique game. However, I personally do not like how long the DLC characters have taken to be released. I can’t even remember how long its been since I purchased them and probably will quit playing before I get to try the last one. I don’t think trickling a small amount of content is an effective strategy to keep the majority of players interested in the game. Just a +1 to an opinion that I have seen voiced on the forums before.

I watched the twitch stream for 10 minutes before realizing it wouldn’t have information that interested me. Then I quit watching, a lot of people should have done the same thing instead of ruining the stream for those who found it interesting.