Overall thoughts on Behemoth after micropatch: it was a nerf


For some perspective, I’ve got over 300 hours in Evolve and most of that is Goliath. I was really pumped to play Behemoth when he came out, and spent a good deal of time learning him and getting excited about the micropatch fixing some critical bugs.

Well, although the micro patch did fix some bugs, it gutted Behemoth in two ways: his speed was decreased and his damage was nerfed.

Keep in mind I’m not saying this is all cut in stone. I’m still playing/practicing with Behemoth and have been playing him since he came out. I could very well be wrong about everything.

  • Map Movement

Firstly, I’d like to talk about his map movement; specifically, those precious 45 seconds you have to eat before the hunters land. His traversal now costs stamina to activate in order to prevent the roll-spam exploit that literally killed in seconds. As a result, his map movement has slowed. You roll up to something, melee out of the roll to kill it, and then start rolling again; except with the micropatch you can only do this about twice now before you’re forced to start walking, which Behemoth’s fat self is pretty bad at.

Before the patch I could get enough food to Evolve right before the hunters were closing in; this is normal for most experienced monster players on most maps, barring the current laggy spawn system of wildlife that is hurting all monster play anyway. With the micropatch implemented I’m either 3/4th of the way there or the hunters are rounding the corner by time I’ve gotten enough food.

Those 45 seconds are critical to Behemoth because you’re going to get domed at stage 1 under most circumstances against decent teams. Even if you try playing the sneaking game you’re the loudest monster in the game so getting enough food to Evolve trumps being sneaky in most situations.

Behemoth already has enough problems with his traversal getting stopped by random trapjaw spawns, small trees, or bumping a rock and floating slowly through the air. The changes where it takes 1 second to start recharging combined with a larger start up cost has made his map movement horrid, which leads to:

  • The Stage 1 Fight and Flight

My strategy on Behemoth has always been to end up in a good, flat space of the map before the hunters zone in on you so you’d have a good place to fight if necessary. Getting domed at level 1 was far from a death sentence and you easily had the damage to compete, especially if you were fighting in a favorable spot.

For some perspective I take damage perk on Behemoth since his melee (used to) do most of the work. I have tried multiple builds, from taking a point into rock wall and two into fissure or lava bomb or using tongue grab and 2 fissure like I was doing pre-patch. No build I have tried is currently useful in a level 1 fight because of his nerfed melee.

Before the patch you could roll into a hunter to chip them for damage and knock them back and then perform a heavy melee for half of their health. Roll barely scratches someone now. Heavy attack being a 4 second cooldown except when consistently attacking (which will almost never happen due to his slowness) also hurts him considering every other monster can perform a heavy attack after a traversal. (And no, I don’t want the exploit back; I never abused it in the first place, I just used a roll into heavy as a legitimate combo)

As a result there’s two strategies you’re kind of forced into, and neither of them work particularly well.

Your first option is to play like a Wraith. You take at least a point into rock wall, try get some separation and pick someone off, and then roll away unless you just downed the assault because you’ll take too much damage sticking around. This option is risky because with your nerfed melee and roll damage getting strikes is tougher taking a point into rock wall rather than using that point to fuel a damaging skill.

Your second option is to go all out with damage by not taking rock wall at all. This option usually leads to being forced into an all-in situation, because without being able to LOS, you’re going to take a ton of damage for the punishment you deal out.

So you either take a ton of damage getting some strikes (and maybe it’s still worth it) or you’ve played defensive with rock wall and not lost too much. The dome drops. Escaping to gain enough evolve distance will be 50/50 now, because you will either collide with a small pebble that makes you float slowly through the air, hit some mamoth birds that stop you, have to climb a surface, or any other measure of activities that will cause you to have to re-apply your traversal and drain it faster than my office’s coffee machine on Monday mornings.

TL;DR: Behemoth is a monster that either plays defensive at level 1 and gains nothing or goes all out and loses too much. After this exchange his traversal is too unreliable to rely on. He is worse at stage 1 than before thanks to his nerfed roll damage, and this combined with his other problems escalates him into a monster that’s still worse than the other 3.


Cue the stream of Behemoth fanboys. :wink:


My main issue with the changes to behemoth is that he uses SO MUCH stamina just to roll into a ball I dont think that the increase was needed especially since they themselves said “Use roll in battle to stay on the hunters” Plus it takes forever and a day to recharge his stamina…


He isn’t wrong the stage 1 game is definitely changed for those that never abused the roll into melee spam especially given that all you need to do on all monsters is pace yourself a little to get the next heavy. Flat out stating that a traversal resets into heavy is wrong, but not too far from the truth either.

I don’t understand why they don’t streamline it simply for all monsters. Traversal increases the chain number by 1. Normally it goes heavy, light, light, heavy for all monsters.

Goliath with my change would be, Heavy light, traverse, heavy.
Behemoth, Heavy, traverse up, light heavy
Kraken no need to talk about this beast
Wraith same deal. It is fluent, easy to grasp and comes without ifs and whens. There are often times that I will not know myself which attack will come out of the roll when I press LMB. What a sorry system that is.


Attacking while in mid-air (100% for Goliath) results in a heavy, which is what I meant. Could have been clearer there.


Ah the slamdunk. Well behemoth has something like that too, unfortunately I never hit that thing since obviously i have to gimmick around with releasing my climb at the right time nailing my aim on target and then thank the contextual melee that he didn’t care for the hunter.


I believe Macman said the roll damage was taken out while they sort out a better fix for the spam of heavy melee as a counter balance for now, I don’t have a quote and cant remember the thread though sorry. if I find it ill add it in.


You are completely right on the lv one all out or nothing, it may not seem like it but stealthing actually works pretty well for behemoth until you get to lv two. They did increase his roll when slowed which is nice, but behemoth is not for everyone, and he is a high skill lv monster. You have to know the terrain and use it to gain distance. You have to know when to use your roll and when to walk until it is go time and you have a full stamina bar of roll to use to get away.


Kraken aside, Behemoth feels like the strongest by a mile, in fact I think vs some hunter compositions it might be the strongest tbh. This is my opinion though so pls dnt flame bros.


Well given that the roll spam is still doable, I think the fix they added was a soft one and not a hard one. So there’s that to be thankful for as a Behemoth player. But truly? Behemoth isn’t supposed to be a run and gun machine, he is built to be a top tier skill Monster, where everything has to be calculated to get proper evolves and armor. It sounds like you’re wanting movement capabilities that give you a solid leg up on the Hunters. Which I’m afraid, just isn’t so. A solid Behemoth player should be able to clear distance to eat, use terrain advantageously, and eat a Stage 1 Dome. Use the armor to survive, and proper abilities, then have evolve ready to pop as soon as that dome goes down. That way you can clear some distance, evolve and instantly clear more distance without eating a dome. Problem with Behemoth players? They want to run away constantly like the other 3 Monsters meta, and their wrong. And they die.


Behemoth players have to be very, very cautious and calculated. Which is why I hate him. My playstyle emphasizes hit and run and reckless gameplay. Works for me. Behemoth ruins that. ;w;


The hardest thing about Behemoth is people don’t realize one major decision. Which is build talents with the map in consideration for winning at Stage 2. Or building talents specially considering the map in a way that helps with a relay fight.


What I don’t get is why they would do the stamina nerf to his rolling, why not just take out the rolling melee attack? that way te behemoth can stil function correctly as opposed to the current mess he is now.


Some Behemoths are pretty damn good right now… He’s definitely the hardest to kill, if he knows how to use his abilities.


Pretty much how I play every Behemoth match. I start by fully armouring up, getting a buff if I can, then leading the hunters into a favourable position to fight in and proceed to get strikes. Once the fight is over I create distance and evolve, pickup a buff if needed and then create another opportunity to fight in a location that benefits me. Almost all my games finish just after hitting stage two.


You rang, m’lady?


I actually really like where Behemoth is at after this last micropatch.

By them reducing the damage he takes and nerfing his roll+heavy punch it feels great to me! He felt a little squishy before but now I can survive my first dome and go stage up.


I think behemoth is fine besides the bugs. with the right strategy he can be amazing. I played a game yesterday and easily won. the patch fixed him as far as I’m concerned.


He is now what I pictured he would be like playing him when he first game out (A friggin tank). It was meh to play him before, bleeding armor and health like crazy. With the change to the T4 Hunter damage output being done along with the huge amount of changed to the Behemoth, I find him so much more fun to play.

I still “lol” when all people do is try to roll smash all day like they did before the micro patch, it gets them nowhere and they cry “Nerf!”. His attacks are awesome, you just have to use him right.


Yeah but on some maps theire arent this favourable spots for an behemoth