Overall Gamestate and Balance issues! [+M/H Feedback and suggestions]



After playing many games in the new patch I have to first say I am very disappointed with the state of the game currently and I feel like Turtle Rock is just rushing its patches now without even thinking about the consequences. Secondly, how hard is it to clear the leaderboards of hackers? What’s taking so long that almost 2 months after release now, you’ve still done nothing about the people on the top of the leaderboards for various hunters and monsters who have ridiculously impossible stats such as: 10000000 Wins/0 Losses?

When somebody told me that Turtle Rock’s Evolve is going to change the face and course of the eSports scene, I nearly laughed after what I saw. Don’t get me wrong, I think the game has potential and much more, it’s one of the most interesting games I’ve seen in many many years of releases. I also admire the lead developer for his passion employed when creating the game. But what’s really making it skeptical is that they can say this and believe it when honestly how can that be true if you can’t control the hackers on your scene? Now I’m not saying hackers can be completely stopped, they can’t. There will always be hackers. But the population of those bad players could be controlled a lot better than this currently. I’ve been in more than 40 games since the release of Evolve (and I’ve played about 150 total) where I’ve encountered the following to memory:

  1. Jetpack Hackers - Speed and/or Altitude making them impossible to catch unless playing a Wraith and you get good abducts.
  2. Invulnerability - Hunters or even monsters which can’t be killed. The Goliath top 10 “King” is suspected of this by many with over 1000 games won and 0 losses.
  3. Speed Hackers - People who can run faster than normal and always keep up with you if you’re monster.
  4. Jump Hackers - People able to jump the height of the entire map if they pleased.
  5. Cloakers - Hackers who abuse the cloak function of supports. Can’t be seen easily so they always win.
  6. Cooldown hackers. People who use hacks to disable cooldowns for Monster abilities or Hunter gear.

I’m sorry but I for one actually enjoyed the competitive side of Evolve. Before the Goliath leaderboards and many more became infested with dozens of fake-scores or hackers, I achieved top 15 at least in the Goliath list for Europe and top 50 for worldwide Goliath. When I found out the odds of me reaching #1 were now thwarted by exploiters and hackers alike, my passion to play Evolve died. I used to play it like a religion, over 10 hours a day in my free time. Now it’s lucky if it gets played for longer than 3 hours a week.

Anyway that’s all for the cheater concerns, on to the balance.

Monster Balance


All in all I feel the Goliath right now is the most stable monster out of the entire pack. There’s only one bug I’ve noticed with him and I do not suggest anything be done about his stats or state of balance currently.

On occasion, usually after a successful Leap Smash (2) against a wall or an obstructing surface I’ve found, the ability does something to the speed of the Goliath making it possible for you to dart across the map at a very fast pace. I feel this may be something to do with the way the monster interacts with the environment when using Leap Smash.


Where do I start now… Wraith was given a very harsh nerf bat in the recent patch that I feel was too harsh and dealt for the wrong reasons.

*If you think about it pre-patch, was there actually anything wrong with the balance of the game besides maybe a slight damage buff requirement on certain Assaults and the Wraith being 2fast2furious? A general Wrath game was not impossible because of severe balance issues such as too much damage or too less damage, but rather it became BORING really quickly. Why? Because it was like chasing a greyhound, a very badly mutilated greyhound across a map. The bigger map, the worse. I suggest that Turtle Rock revert the nerf, putting Wraith back the way she was and consider some of the following changes to Wraith which won’t totally kill the buzz for players who enjoy the monster.

*Decrease the speed of Dash (Stamina ability) or the distance slightly.
*Decrease the distance of Warp Blast to a fixed percentage and keep it consistent throughout all stages. Increase radius instead.
*Decrease the overall non-sneak movement slightly.

Non-balance related suggestion: *Decrease the size of the stage 3 Wraith slightly, I personally feel it may be too big especially for Wraiths who enjoy being sneaky.

I’ve not played Kraken long enough to suggest anything productive, so I will skip this monster.

Behemoth - The BIG issue!

Ok now where do I begin with this monster?! By far my most favourite due to my love of the Goliath style. Meant to be the tankiest of all monsters and the highest damaging. This great hulk of a rock hurts if he hits you but even a boulder has its weaknesses:

  1. Too slow to maneuver on foot. Suggestion: Buff movement speed out of rolling.
  2. Meant to be a truck full of armor and health? It dies quicker than a Wraith against an organised team with a Sunny support. Suggestion: Greatly increase the base damage reduction from ALL sources! URGENT
  3. Improve aiming mechanics of the Rock Wall ability. I do not think a tiny red dot on the map is exactly spelling to the player what the ability does. Why not have a holographic silhouette of a rock wall for each stage illustrating the size and width of the wall should the player use the ability? Or a long line giving them a better idea of angle also.
  4. Aiming mechanics of the Fissure ability again. I can’t even tell where the hell my fissures are travelling because I can’t see where I’m aiming.
  5. Adjust the default field of view on the third person camera. This monster is too big for the range set at its default.
  6. Probably a bug but during evolvution stages I sometimes hear no sound effects when playing this monster.
  7. Reduce the cooldown on traversal stamina (rolling). If this monster can’t climb cliffs or out-run Sunny’s jetpack boost effectively, then the cooldown on this needs to be decreased slightly as the speed of the roll would not be a wise decision given how fast it is.

Hunter Feedback


I like Hyde, I agree perhaps he deserved the toxic grenade buff yes but the Minigun does way too much damage now and an effective team such as: Ceira, Sunny/Cabot, Hyde, and an Abe/Griffin/Crow can overpower just about any monster who makes the slightest mistakes now. Hyde did not need a 20% damage increase. I suggest lowering this to 5-10% but keeping everything else such as the accuracy boost and the toxic grenade in the game as they are logical changes. Don’t just listen to the nearest 13 year old child whining “I can’t beat any monster with Hyde!” and then slap a damage boost on him. If anything Parnell deserved the damage boost more than Hyde!

Sunny - The Big issue!

Where do I start… oh yeah? The highest damage out of any hunter combined, fair enough. That’s actually not what the issue is right now when it comes to monsters such as the Wraith or the Behemoth. Whilst playing a Goliath I found Sunny to be a good pick and was fun to play against. Why? because unlike a Wraith who is surely dead if caught on stage 1, or a Behemoth who is not mobile enough to escape her jetpack boost AND currently needs a damage reduction boost, the Goliath can maneuver as fast as a Wraith pre-nerf and carries multiple features shared from all monsters. Goliath, if played right vs. Sunny, can still decide when it wants to fight or run. The Behemoth currently has no choice. If Sunny jetpack boosts at the right times, a Behemoth when caught, will NOT be able to escape.

Suggestion 1: Reduce the cooldown on Sunny’s Jetpack boost to something similar to Ceira’s speedboost or slightly less.

Suggestion 2: Although I said it wasn’t a problem because Turtle Rock clearly said they wanted Sunny to have the highest damage, this goal has been achieved successfully. Perhaps consider nerfing her big guns damage by a tiny 5%? Either way this is not an issue to me, her major issue seems to be that jetpack boost.

This is all I have for now. I’ve not had proper chance to play the remaining new hunters but they do seem to be nice and a new experience to fight against entirely. Please make haste and make the necessary Sunny/Behemoth changes though? These two are by far my new favourite faces to Evolve and Goliath’s getting old with how much I’ve played him.


I added another type of hacker to the list for you- Cooldown hackers. The ones that can dome you six times in three seconds. :slight_smile:


Ah thankyou :3!


My only problems with sunny are her shield drone being entirely spammable and taking no skill, and her damage is a bit too strong compared to other supports. Sure it was designed to be the strongest, but it is kind of silly, almost a second assault.


Taking no skills makes it inferior to Hank’s shielding. You can easily destroy it or trick it to kill a hunter and let not forget if there’s a cloaked hunter nearby who gets hit, the shield drone will point at the cloaked hunter with a beam of shielding.


and it just gets redeployed instantly.

It is really good for keeping a hunter from being focused down, (so what if it points out a cloaked hunter? They still have a freaking shield on them)

But currently you just drop it, forget it, trollolol it up with insane DPS, and just drop it again if the monster is stupid enough to waste time punching it to death only to get punished by the entire team.


It takes time to charge up, plenty of time to down a hunter or move him into an area where the shield drone can’t reach them.


Kraken got an insane mobility boost while using charge up atacks. He came out of the update buffed though I think it was unintentional.

Goliath is balanced well.

I’m about the only player who wasn’t good with the wraith pre patch so I won’t even try it now.

Behemoth is an intimidating teddy bear. He looks tough but gets shredded.

Hydes grenades have a really long cools down now.

The new hunters are all anti behemoth. Kraken shuts them down but anything on the ground has a hard time


Cheaters/Exploiters are the biggest problem in my opinion.


Thank you all for your responses supporting this topic. I really hope Turtle Rock can learn something from this. Also, Rhuclaw, you make a valid point but it should not be spammed like it is able to be. A small cooldown at least. As for Sunny’s damage, she achieved the goal of her design, to be the second assault/highest damaging member of the team. The big issue is her jetpack boost is too spammable and no monster, even the Kraken, can escape from a good Sunny boosting the team. Even worse with a Ceira/Sunny mix.


By the way if anyone would like to play with me in a hunter team, my stream is twitch.tv/violet915 :)! Feel free to hop in, see some play, have a chat, or squad up with me.


Alright so it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even play my main Goliath anymore because Sunny and Slim are such bull****. Will be putting Evolve on a long term pause for stream and I will probably uninstall until the game is fixed and those leaderboards get wiped. How hard is it to ban a few people whos stats obviously spell “Hacker” all over them?


Fix your act TurtleRock, I was about to recruit another 6 good friends who are sold on playing team hunter with me. I’m going to tell them to reconsider spending their money until your balance is sorted…


It’s not that, he just leaves every game he starts to lose.

Also they’re buffing Behemoth and fixing Wraith. More health, more armor, smaller weakpoint, faster reacting abilities, and the removal of the roll heavy attack and 2X damage bug for Behemoth. They’re fixing the Warp for Wraith.