Over 150 matches and I lost all of my progress

Thanks Turtle Rock, you’re the best

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Check your facts before you whine like a smartass, its a 2K server problem not TRS.

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And I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with TRS. But I’m sorry I’m frustrated that I spent $60 on a game that has numerous bugs and severe server problems. I’m sure they’ll unlock the tier 3 characters for me, but big whoop I’m gonna have to get them anyways as I do my character masteries all over again.

My Xbox live account proves how much I’ve played and accomplished… So I’m curious how TRS/2K’s customer support are handling these progress losses. They already got my money so I don’t expect to see much happen. It’s just amazing how Xbox is having the most problems, when it’s the console that got the most attention during the alpha and beta.

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As I expected, all 2K can do for me is re-unlock all of the characters. Hurray… -___-

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that sucks so hard iam lucky that iam on pc i would rage so hard if i lost my 160 hours

i feel with ya

Happens on pc as well starting to pop up more you need to be careful as well :slight_smile:

sucks to suck


Yeah, it sucks for all the level 1’s that have to go up against my Goliath. My leaderboard stats are still there so I’m just gonna use this opportunity to boost my Goliath win ratio against some noobs lol

Indeed it’s shitty brother, happened to a friend on the weekend while we were playing

All I can say is to watch this thread for updates;

And read this thread for things you might want to avoid until the patch comes out;

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Seems this almost always happens to people that are signing in and out of profiles, switching profiles, etc… Which you said you did to try to update stuff from the app.

The biggest thing I can tell people is stop doing anything with profiles. Just leave it as is.

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It’s just sad that we have to be so worried and conscious of every little thing that we do to avoid resets. And it’s even more sad that 2K can’t at least give us victims a character skin or two… or three for our “inconvenience”; I asked and then 2K support outright stopped talking to me.

its on pc too so pray that it doesnt happen to you as well . thats what were all doing… sadly :confused: