Over $135 in dlc?


Not sure how they reached that number any ideas? It seems to be turning more people away. It just seems blatantly false no matter how I add this up it doesn’t reach their number.


I was also very sad when I read things like that for EVOLVE cause I care for it very much. But now after release I know this game will do good. New reviews will just bring out positives and sales will keep on going. Cause in the end this is a quality game and a quality game will get their spotlight


They reached that number because they added all the individual skins up and the packs including those same skins together.

Which is a really dumb mistake to make.


Or intentional :unamused:. It’s actually ~$60, and it’s all just cosmetic skins.


Since when the hell are skins ‘DLC’?

By that logic, League of Legends has 2000$+ worth of DLC.


Exactly. There is absolutely no payment gate in this game. Maps are all free, and you can play alongside all future characters, even if you don’t download them. You will never have to pay extra money to play with everyone in this game. All DLC is simply a matter of whether you want it or not. Some people just can’t comprehend that.


Oh that’s how thatthat’s how they did it. Too dishonest for me.


Yeah, people are so stupid sometimes.


Germanys leading game magazine Gamestar releases DAILY ARTICLES bashing Evolve’s DLC:

Feb, 10: “Evolve: Ingame-Shop as in a Free2Play-Game”

Feb, 11: "Evolve: Good game - Shitty DLC

Feb, 12: “Evolve: DLC for 130 dollars”

Feb, 13: “Why do you hate Evolve so much?”

Example: Gamestar indicates that selling a ‘Hunting Season Pass’ that does not work as a traditional “Season Pass” is smelling like a SCAM.

The result is devasting publicity in Germany.


Let’s go boycott League of Legends.


The misinformation in the press is reaching astronomical levels. This stinks of a paid bashing campaign. No respectable “journalists” should be making errors as grievous as adding up skin packs as well as the individual skins to inflate numbers for their own argument.

I really wish someone out there would set these bastards straight. All it would take is one sizeable media outlet, but no one is stepping up.


I’m not a strong advocate of lawsuits, but when blatantly wrong numbers such as this are posted, it feels appropriate.

At least 2k/TRS should be able to exercise a right to reply to this.

Giving bad review based on impressions is one thing, freedom of speech yadda yadda yadda, but publishing factually incorrect information is another.


Or think of CS:GO stuff as dlc and holy soup you got a big price!


looks like they updated the article


Indeed. However, the German GameStar has not.


Ha if this game has over $100 in dlc I would sure hope all of that is to purchase new monsters, skins I don’t care about, but if its $100 worth of monsters let’s just say— shut up and take my money!