Over 100+ Lionsgate film available on Steam, More reason to rule over your wallet


Also not sure if this fits with the Film or Games category.


I’d say film. This does nothing for me now, but if I was just building a media collection it sounds like a good way to do it.



Or at least the market shares. XD

I find the idea to be very awesome because steam is available in virtually any country, one of the main things with other streaming services is that they are country locked or region specific. Having something like steam makes them available to a lot of people.

I hope with this they would open the door for something like a subscription plan, if its successful who knows one day we might even see a film developmental studio for Valve to produce Valve IP tv series.


And people wonder why PC players love Steam.


Pretty neat that Steam is branching into Movies. I mean it makes sense given how large their customer base is on PC. It’s probably a no-brainer that they’ll include TV shows in the future like ‘The Walking Dead’ since TellTale’s TWD is pretty popular.


If the move is successful maybe they’ll do like their own series with L4D or Half Life. Valve has the money to kick start such productions if they wanted to if the platform was popular enough.


More reason to switch to PC! You listening console boys? :stuck_out_tongue:


YASSSSS!!! I hope they do VR movies. It wouldn’t be too long before they make a deal with YP to provide YP content.


XD Imagine if steam turns into YouTube haha.


They tried to be twitch but the move so far hasn’t gained any noticeable interest, I doubt they can do anything against Youtube. But a partnership with youtube might be something that could see in the future.


Steam and chill?


No, I can easily use my PS4 to do this. Doesn’t really matter to me. It’s a nice thing to see though.


naw I am good with my xbox the only real thing I use my laptop for is to go here or watch youtube


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