Outside of map glitch (Broken Hill Foundry)


@MajorLeeHyper Not sure if this has been reported yet so I’ll just report it anyways. I joined into a game on Broken Hill Foundary to find myself falling out of the drop ship and end up on an invisible floor above the whole map and for the first match I was in I could not find a way to get down. Then it happened again after the round was voted to restart, but that time I managed to find a spot were i fell through the map and re spawned correctly. Here is a vid of it happening the second time.

Here is a vid of it happening the second time.


You mean Broken Hill Foundry. There’s no map called Slagtown.


Yeah, I was just thinking of the picture of the map in the loading screen. Thanks for changing it.


This happened to me as well, sucked cause I was Laz, but won us the game because I could shoot through the invisible floor hitting the monster. He couldn’t kill me, and I could shoot him off the relay.


Yea this happened to me while playing maggie. I have videos of it up from about 3 weeks ago. I went to the buildings on the right of the relay and could put harpoon on them… funny stuff.


That is what i did the first time around, but everyone voted for the round to restart, the second time i just decided to find my way down so I could help my team more. It was fun to throw the dome and trap the monster and him not being able to do anything about it.


@Macman @MrStrategio Here is another bug I mentioned in my post, with video proof. Just making sure you are aware. It is gamebreaking and as I said people (in my games at least) have been sacrificing themselves to achieve it.

Spawn issue on new maps

I saw this happen in the game i played before the one that has the video. The support managed to get on top of the map after the initial dropship by dyeing. He stayed up there for a little while but found a way down that didn’t involve killing himself. It was funny for me to through the dome around at first, but by the end of the round it was just stupid and I can’t imagine the monster was having any fun with it either.


Played the map for only the 2nd time and had a Cabot immediately park in the sky, making it impossible to destroy the relay. Very highly disappointing considering this has been known for a month now.


Could we just remove the damn map from rotation? The last 4 times I played on it someone was stuck in the sky.