Outline Players doesnt work


While in observer mode the Outline Players option doesnt work.
EDIT: While Spectating the hunters
@MacMan @MrStrategio @MajorLeeHyper


Need a bit more info here. What platform? Do you have a screenshot?


This is on Xbox one, and sadly i have no screenshot but i can give some more info, When spectating the monster and activating the outline option you can clearly see the hunters outlined red. when you switch to a hunter the monster doesnt become outlined. This also happens when specatating a hunter at first and then turn it on. but as soon as you go to the monster it works fine


Thanks for the additional info, we’ll look into this.


We haven’t been able to repro this, when we toggle the Outline Players option while watching a Hunter, the monster is outlined in red as expected. Could you record a video or grab a screenshot if you’re still seeing this? You can use the Xbox Game DVR to record video. Thanks for the help!


Alright i will try to repro this later today