Outlast 2 is looking really good!


Loved the first game. Such a fun (and gross) experience. Never really found it scary but I loved the gameplay and it was a pretty unique (for me anyway) experience.

It was actually the first game I played on the PS4 that made me glad I had one. Cant wait for this sequel!


You know, as awesome as the first game is, and as awesome as this looks, I kind of want a satirical game where you control an entire film-crew trying to escape from some variety of similar, yet completely ott scenario whilst lugging around all their gear.


I’d play it.


That is one seriously waterproof camera.


I’m so excited for this game :heart_eyes: Outlast 1 is def one of my favs and I have been waiting for this one ever since I finished the DLC


I’ve have been waiting for this ever since I beat whistleblower.


I really hope the ending isn’t crap this time around. The first ones ending was such a cop out.


I know it sucked, I like whistleblower a lot more.


The biggest part that actually blew me away in the game (and this is going to sound silly to most people) is the fact that you actually have a body that interacts with the game.

That almost never happened in games before. Most games had you as a pair of non-interactive hands and a floating gun. I loved that you you touched the walls and pulled yourself around corners and the character had spacial awareness it felt like.


What scared me the most was the insanity of the main guy in whistleblower, Eddie I think. His ranting, the weird fetishes.


He tried to make a woman out of me


I’m interested, but not sure if I’m excited or not. I remember getting frustrated and quitting the first one early on. Maybe I’ll give it another chance.


I’m not too sure from this gameplay that it’s looking all that great. I don’t know. I’ll need to see at least one Let’s Play vid beforehand.


this one is based on the jonestown massacre


So what’s the plot of this one


Dude crashes in a helicopter, looks for some chick, runs into a town of backwoods inbred hillbillies who are part of a satanic cult. Apparently the company that ran the experiments at Mount Massive will also be here, so it should be interesting. I’m just hoping for some new, cool psychos in this one with fresh back stories and personalities. Really curious as to what we’re gonna see from them.

Oh, and apparently five minutes into the game, some psycho chick destroys your genitals with a pick axe. Lovely.


Tentacles ?


Tentacles? What?


Read the last part of ur post


Ohhhhhh my bad. That’s a REALLY weird autocorrect, lol.

I meant “genitals”. She takes a pick axe to your dick.