Outdated Dialogue Archive

The imminent 9.0 patch is going to change a lot. Front and center among these changes is the outright removal of several hunter items. This means that any dialogue regarding these, whether one line comments in-game or full drop ship convos, will likely never be heard again after this patch.

As one may be able to guess from my threads regarding wildlife and Evacuation ending details, I am a huge fan of archiving information. That’s why I’m such a big fan of @Matthew’s proposed dialogue database. But as hyped as I am for that, I’m aware of how impractical it would be to add every single line of dialogue, even those that would no longer be seen otherwise.

So I created this thread. I’ll be adding whatever dialogue I manage to find before 9.0 launches that relates to the removed items. Maybe someone will find a use for it. Most likely I’m the only person who cares, but just in case I’m wrong I’m putting this up. Please submit any dialogue that relates to these, whether a dropship convo, an amusing one-liner, or just a quote they keep saying when they use the item. Anything helps and thank you in advance for any help.

Support Cloak Hank: Cloakin'. Stay close now. We're cloaked! Cloakin' now. Cloaked! Get over here! Stay quiet. Okay, everybody stay sneaky.

Stay near me!
Cloaking nearby allies.
Cloaking nearby teammates.
Cloaking field active!
Cloak active.
Cloaking. You may experience slight disorientation.
Cloak is up!
Cloak is up! It can’t see you! It can smell YOU though… Hyde.
Allies cloaked for a tactical advantage.

Cloak up.
Cloak active.
Cloak online.
Cloak’s up. Everyone stay alert.

Super invisible!
Cloak up! Love this thing!
Cloak is up!
Cloak is up! Stay near me!
Cloak on! Like being in a Sci-fi movie!

Cloak activated.
Alright, cloak is on.
Alright, you are cloaked!
Cloak is on! Let’s see how this thing works.
Everyone, stay near me! It can’t see us.

Bucket UAV Deploying head for reconnaissance. Deploying recon UAV. Now to see what we can see. Beginning high-altitude recon. Detaching my head for recon. Please do not be alarmed. Pardon me while I go up for a look. Getting a better view.
Slim Spore Gun Can't see, can't smell, nice little advantage! It can't smell us, move in! Stink bomb for you! Yeah try finding us now! That'll screw it up. OK folks, we're just about invisible to it now. You smell that?! Yeah and that's all you'll smell for a little while.
Sunny Jetpack Booster (Does she have dialogue for the jetpack booster? I haven't been able to find any.)
Sunny Shield Drone Everybody fight near the cute little drone! Drone out! Drone 424 out! Drone 326, do your job! Drone 828, keep everyone safe!
Missed Dome Cabot: Aww, you missed!
Evac Info The Ebon Star looks to be taking hits from EMP Missiles, that's why I'll be staying aboard!

You may have noticed, we lost the Fusion Plant. Which means you’ll be joined by floating clouds of radioactive gas. That’s bad by the way.

You’ll notice a passel of ranchers down there, eager to help you fight the monster. Cabot tried to talk them out of it, but they’re as stubborn as he is.

We secured the Medlab, so Salveron is loaning you the use of their medbays. I think you’ll find them useful.

Medlab is secure, so we’ll receive support from them. Their Medbays will heal us, including me I hope. We should find them scattered across the map.


I moved this to the Official Fiction category. Let’s try to stay on topic, I’ll help to keep this topic nice and neat.


Ok, thank you for the support!


This pretty much applies to the tutorial videos as well

hearing this.


Hey at least in TU 1.0 It’ll be a reversed engineered Spore Gun :stuck_out_tongue:

whatever that means, either way i’m excited to see how everything works.

EDIT: spelling

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I think everyone is :stuck_out_tongue:

@TheMountainThatRoars Okay I think this is enough derailing. My bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Will the dome dialogue be removed do you think? We still don’t know how they work completely.

Isn’t Cabot’s “200% on your weapons, people!” outdated? I think the amount is smaller than that.

Yes, but it relates to something that still exists in game. The figures may be off, but most people would probably exaggerate on that sort of thing.

@Hillbilly_Deathlord, I’m not sure. It seems like it would stay, as the dome itself remains. If anything, lines may be added in the future to account for 16 other characters now having access to it. @GentlemanSquirl, is the dome dialogue being removed?

wait, what’s happening to Bucket’s UAV?

Its being taken away for “something else”

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And by “something else” he means an ability that shortens class-cooldowns (Already confirmed by the devs)

Its still double damage unless they ninja-nerfed it


Oh shoot I remember that. For some reason that blew right over my head!

Slims Dialogue might not have to be lost really. Sure the spore cloud is going to be different but its still there so the dialogue would still apply I think.

Is it? I thought it was getting replaced.

Not really. Just getting reworked in ways.

They described it somewhere. Its not a complete replacement. It still shoots like the spore cloud and it messes with the monsters senses. Just in a different way. I’ll go looking for it.

◦Spore cloud will impair sense distance, so getting close to a hunter will stop the effects of the spore cloud”

There ya go. Thanks to @niaccurshi keeping everything up to date for us.

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