Out of match quality of life


Is there any plans to have a function while in menus to be able to purchase and look at perks, also to look at character abilities just so newer people who are thinking of purchasing that character to kinda get a heads up on what they have and how they work.


Doesn’t it stats that under the character in the purchase screen? It does in OG Evolve.


I just posted something similar with the character tutorials they use to have. It would definitely be nice to have all this in accessible viewing menus on downtime.


Something like this is being kicked around but we don’t know anything solid yet. Once the specifics are figured out it’ll need to go through programming, UI, etc.


I believe that they have mentioned looking into this.

As for the latter, I do believe you can still get in a custom game with someone who has the character you are interested in, and swap characters mid game.


Already similar thread. [quote=“Chromatic_Blue, post:5, topic:89814”]
I believe that they have mentioned looking into this.