Our new maps?


Where is our new maps for ps4? I don’t see them in the store or in game yet…


I don’t think they did midnight release so it might be out in the afternoon/evening.


They haven’t been released yet, I wouldn’t expect them before 10am PST.


PC players are still waiting too.


Someone tell me why xbone got these maps months ago yet we’re still waiting? Curious.


Greed $$$ 10


:dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:


To me it doesn’t seem fair, i paid just as much as any xbone player + I pre-ordered (ps4)


Microsoft paid for temporary exclusivity.

The maps are free so the amount you paid for the base game is irrelevant. All paid DLC is released at the same time for all platforms m


I just believe that consoles should be treated equally that’s all but i undsrstand. I’m not one of those who believe they got cheated of their money add in very happy with the game.


Watch out for the announcements. Maps have not been released yet. Thank you.