Our most regrettable companions


I feel the need, though I wish I did not need to, to make a post related to the less than pleasant, mic equipped hunters that we may encounter in our gaming travels. List below if you wish it, the most offensive hunters you have come across.

I shall begin. Joining up to evacuation, much to my surprise partway through on the last day, I was dropped into the role of trapper. Now, I am a fairly bad trapper, but in my attempts to dome the hunters and minions away from the power relaym things rather went askew. Now whilst I admit I played badly, I do not feel i deserved the terms ‘retard’ and ‘cunt’. So, what are your worst evolve experiences?


Uhhh… You know that anything can enter the dome, right? You just can’t shoot outside/inside.


Buddy and I got into a game as hunters, me playing Cabot, him playing Lazarus.

He does a pretty good job, however, it was his first time playing Lazarus. Understandable, right?

The trapper, who was laz-rezzed no less than 4 times during that match, a match that we lost due to a mix of bad luck and an early evolved kraken, decided to essentially say “So yeah, we pretty much lost that because of Laz. Seriously asshole, my tip to you: Don’t play medic.” And then he quit.

…OH, and then there was a dude who not only had no mic, but apparently had no speakers, and wanted to be lone-wolf caira and try and kill the monster himself.


Lol. Sorry, but that first post cracked me up. Haven’t encountered too many unpleasant people with mics, but that’s because most of the people I’ve played with have been from message boards. I bought Hand of Fate. I rather play that than get thrown in with some scrub randoms.


I had an amazing match where I spent 12 minutes in a yelling match with a complete moron who was apparently #3 Kraken player at the time ( ‘cause the leaderboards are so meaningful ). It was a dozen minutes from start to finish of shouting insults at each other. Started with him talking sht about the trapper because he picked Maggie, and how he was a dumbass because, and I quote, " What’s the point of playing a hide and seek game if you use the fukin’ trapper that instantly knows where the monster is", and then it just went on into all kinds of offensiveness. Guy was really easy to piss off, and he was clearly already mad from a previous game. The intense hateful words uttered in that game really made my night, I do love entering pointless arguments with fools.

… Oh, wait, this thread is about bad experiences with mic using jerks. No bad games of note yet, I’ll keep you updated.


Yes, I was trying to place a dome on a chokepoint between generators


Of the FEW people I’ve ran across using their mics, they’ve all been pleasant, so far.


I had one guy run around doing what he wanted the whole time while we tried to get him to help us and he ignored us the whole time but had a mic. When the match was over he started shouting racial slurs and laughing then quit.

On another not I have quite a few times found myself launching insults at people. Anger issues I guess. But when my assault runs off in the middle of a fight with the wraith just to kill wildlife I feel justified. Or when someone misses with the arena and you are pinging outside of the arena so they drop it I feel justified. Or when someone picks Val and never heals I feel justified. It is mostly frustrating when people ignore you trying to be helpful. I always start out being so calm and helpful! People really should play the game solo when they want to try a new class. Play it against AI a few times to at least get a feel for the character before you jump into a game with people you don’t know. Unless you join in progress. That is just bad luck.


Remember insults are the only way to make people listen. Gamer logic sigh


Haven’t ran into any arses outside of this one val who ran off rambo style, got killed by the monster, and then rage quitted after saying “fuck you guys” in the mic.


Played with some 12 year old kid. After we lost he started trying to blame it on my teammates.

Me: If it’s anyones fault, i’ts yours. You kept reviving people when I’m Laz, and I told you to stop.

Kid: Well I know what I’m doing. I’m in the top 2000 in the world. What are you?

Me: 26

Kid: Oh…

Seriously, the stupid leaderboards make some of these idiots so selfentitled :expressionless:


How is it?


Pretty sure that’s why he did it away from the generator.


I played with a less-than-average trapper and the Wraith got to stage three without any engagements.
My buddy and I said it was fine, since I was Laz and he was Cabot, and judging from the fact the Wraith actually evolved to stage three rather than killing us at stage two, we were sure we were going to win.
However, he had the nerves to not only blame us for the monster going sneak against a Griffin, but to also claim he was the “Best trapper EU on the leaderboards”, before he ran away from the realy to “end the round faster”, feeding himself to the Wraith.
The three of us killed the Wraith before he dropped back.


Here’s my story:

Join up in a random match which is currently in progress. No fresh start? I’m okay with that. Get in and see that I’m Val, awesome! First thing I hear when I join is the assault calling me a - EXPLICATIVE - because they’re not getting healed. After taking control of Val, I do my healing thing. There’s a problem though, he’s eating ability after ability from the Kraken and isn’t even trying to avoid his attacks. OhGodWhy.png We lose the match and he’s raging, yet everyone amazingly stays. Hookay, maybe he’s just having a bad time. So I decide to stick it out and try to change his tune.

Went full Caira and healed him all day, everyday, throughout the match. Rage~Assault kept on breaking LoS with me and kept trowing derogatory remarks when I kindly asked him to NOT break sight with me. He ESPECIALLY loved telling me to stop being lazy and just get closer to him and the target. Guess he doesn’t play medic that much, else he’d know that the monster player WANTS me to get closer so I can get slapped. Still rages hardcore at the team when he gets hit with anything.

We win the match this time and he goes on a swearing rant about how he carried the team and everyone’s a bunch of knobheads. Regardless of the win or not, it was the most painful win I had to ever go through and I promptly left.

I know that healing’s important, but I’m tempted to resign from the medic position every time I run into a hunter who does the following: Face tank the monster or eats all the monsters abilities without trying to avoid them, believing I can heal through all the damage they’re taking, continually breaking LoS on purpose, and just being a total jerk towards me when I’ve done all I could as the medic.


Oi you piece of shit, your connection sucks. Leave

Thus I leave to find a more desirable hobby.


I’ve only encountered one person with a mic. I can’t complain about that, I don’t turn my own on, but I’d rather have silence and people trying to work together, as opposed to a guy who obviously loves Jimmy Eat World and felt the need to show the rest of the team how great they are by playing “The Middle” through his Mic. Only person I’ve met so far with a mic and had to mute him


Fantastic! Highly recommended.