Our Gift to the Community - New Elite Skins!


They haven’t added the new elite skins yet.

That is the older one.


What? He got elite skin in 3 days? That sounds really ELITE.


That MUST be the older version…the new elite skin is VASTLY different and OBVIOUS at a glance.

The tendril spikes and scything blades are golden and the skin is albino…which matches the elite wildlife which also are albino.


So Sacriel (A streamer for Evolve) uploaded a video to Youtube detailing the Elite Skins. It still shows the older skins and people are getting the wrong impression. I’ve posted a comment link to the forum here. If you could go to this channel, login and thumbs up my comment to get more attention for it I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Don’t want too many people on YT to not know about these cooler looking skins :smile:


TRS probably couldn’t implement it in time for the press early access version.
@DamJess Will the new elite skins be in the Beta, or only the Gold version?


The New Elite skins are not part of Open Beta. This build still has the old ones. :slight_smile:

Unlocked Goliath Elite skin

Nice to hear . Im pretty excited how the new ones are going to look ingame :smiley: !


They’re at the top of this thread.


I know , but images and actual ingame footage is still different :wink: .


When are we going to see Elite Behemoth!? I’m dying to see it! :smile:


Are they done yet?can we see them?canwecanwecanwecanwecanwecanwecanwecanwecanwecanwecanwecanwe???pretty please??


Can we see elite skins next livestream?


I pre ordered over amazon and now there is this extermination skin and i m really pissed that i can only get it over game stop there are so many different versions to buy with different extras how m i supposed to get them all buy the game three times ? Will there be any other way to get this skin `?


You can wait 30 days after evolve has been released and then you can pay for the exterminator skins like that


That would explain why I can’t find any footage >.<


Added Hunter’s New Elite Weapon Skins! Enjoy:

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OMG They are awesome !! Great work TRS <3 !


Looks sweet

Also, you mispelled Markov


Have I mentioned how much I love this forum and TRS recently… I feel I don’t say it enough.