Our Gift to the Community - New Elite Skins!


One of the biggest requests we got after the Big Alpha was to make the Elite Skins more obvious. Well, we listened.

As our End-of-the-Year gift to you guys, we wanted to show off the new skins to you first.

We’ve also included the Exterminator pre-order skins and the Savage Goliath skin for your viewing pleasure.

Let us know what you think!

Elite Monsters




Savage Goliath (pre-order)

Exterminator Skins (pre-order)

Markov Maggie Val Hank

Lazarus Elite Skin
Monster Skins!
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So now that we know that Savage is a "premium" skin
So now that we know that Savage is a "premium" skin
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New Elite Weapon Skins














Holy… **** thats a clear upgrade.


This is why we love TRS. When we criticize them, they deliver, and they listen.
Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas!


So beautiful, though I still think Goliath needs a poncho and sombrero in that pose :3




Am I correct in understanding the Exterminator skins come with a pre-order? Steam(My preferred platform) still only says Goliath Savage skin and new monster character bonus on pre-order, just want to make certain I understand :slight_smile:
(I am about to pre-order Evolve, TRS is (from my point of view) very open and I love you guys for that, you deserve my money… And Big Alpha was awesome :wink: )


Loving the Elite Wraith! :smile:


Is there a way to get the exterminator pre-order stuff without using gamestop.com

awesome skins by the way


Exterminator skins will be available to everyone eventually…I think 30 days after release.

I am worried about the new skins


But it isn’t even Christmas yet ;~;


I’m VERY happy TRS decided to go with a color scheme on each that looks very natural and is not gawdy. Unique, but within a visual distinction that does not clash with game assets. Kudos.

For clarification: When you say it’s a ‘Gift’, does that mean these skins are free (or will be after a time-delay)? Or is the gift just the showing of the skins early?


Oh I just realized that the elite in elite skins means elite like the albino creatures you can get perks from.


I think that by “gift” they mean the original elite skins were poorly received so they updated them


Wait… These… are actually Elites, just like the elite wildlife… They’re albinos, just like the elite wildlife! WHY DID I NOT EVEN-- Oh hey I just got ninja’d.


But can you get them with a pre-order without using gamestop.com


Holy god Daisy please. Daisy next monster confirmed. So scare. Such bestial. Wow.


As a person not in marketing or anything(And perhaps too young to understand), why the different pre-orders all over the place?(Not even sure if you could answer such a thing) For example here in the Netherlands “Game Mania” has a pre-order bonus(besides monster+savage) for the Tier 2 hunters being playable from the first round, yet all other places don’t. They obviously aren’t that hard to get(Looking at Big Alpha progression speed) but just wondering.

And any info on how we could acquire the exterminator skins after that 30 day period?


They’re 3rd party deals that help companies gain sales through their stores vs. their competitors.