Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community


Probably impossible to do that as a mod, I’m afraid, as you’d have to get the server to cooperate in order for Observer to work.


True, offline, the server is running inside the game. I guess that would be your best bet.


I don’t know much about coding, but it would have been good to use it offline, since a lot of other games have it, plus some people find it easier to watch and learn; I’ve always been curious on what the AI hunters are doing, while I’m the monster and what the AI monster is doing, when I’m one of the hunters.


Hopefully sometime, it will be possible, most likely through someone modding the offline menu, like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVa5L3pDrkY


When will we hear aout the new fps you are working on?


When it’s ready to be shown I presume.


it has been a year and they havent said anything.

With Metamorphasis they showed a gameplay trailer of what they made every month.And that wasnt even asked from them.


No, they only showed that footage after the game had been announced. Those little videos were being made to show the publisher their progress, not the public.


They had metamorphosis mostly developed when they showed that stuff off which probably took at least two years to make. I feel late next year they may show something off but it’ll probably be very small. Like the metamorphosis stuff just small gameplay mechanics.


It’ll be shown to the public when its ready.
All the metamorph videos were only shown AFTER release. They were only used internally up until then.

Current gaming market is very volatile, you have to make a perfect first impression. TRS has a history of making great titles, as much as I agree with you, and I just want to play the game… We have to give them time.

Alternatively, you can check out the careers page and try and get a job with them. :wink: That will give you access to the information.



I have this posted on my wall, it’s so sad but so true


This game is amazing. I got it from Xbox Live Gold, thinking it was just another average game. I’ve barely played 10 games and I love it. The gameplay is just amazing, the graphics are insanely realistic, and it’s just fun. I was disappointed to find out that there wouldn’t be any new content, but I’m happy with this. Once again, it is just an epic game that I will play all the time. Thank you to all the people that poured their effort into it. Screw 2k I will hunt you down.


Seeing this thread pop up again…

Damn this game is still fun, I just wish that when I play leg on PC that the trapper AI isn’t braindead and miss dome opportunities. I play leg on PC because I got a few of my friends into it and they like it, but idk if S2 content will be carried over from leg, and the reason why they bought the $4 copies off g2a was to have access to all the hunters/monsters.

Gotta giveout to an old pal, Smeg who I still see playing this game and reaching almost 3k hours. Now that’s dedication :wink:


Still playing evole… one of the best game ever, just loses its popularity.

I know one day, some company will notice this gem here…

Guess we will have to wait…:sunglasses:


Man… this is too early, I have not ever tried this game yet.
Hope Evolve is not gonna be the last FPS game TRS developed for us.
I really love all the FPS projects you have ever designed (even counter strike).

I appreciate that VR stuff is great, but I still favored the FPS games you have worked more myself : )


TRS is currently working on another game, a Dark Fantasy themed one this time and I believe it’ll be a FPS too (maybe…maybe not, we’ll find out). They’re currently working with Perfect World Entertainment to make a new AAA game, I just hope that Perfect World Entertainment isn’t a money hungry company just like 2K Games.

And like CD Projekt would say:
-Leave the greed to others.


I hope theyput a easter egg about evolve in their new game. Somethign like goliath’s footprint in a level or some one mentioning the monsters.

I would like that.


Yeah, it could be fun if you could find something like a figurine or an image from Evolve or L4D (a bit like when you collect an item from another game in The Evil Within 2).