Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community


it has been hilarious to see some random pop ups of threads in this forums of “1 post new account” asking about Evolve, and I’m not talking primarily problem wise questions.

i do not mean to make fun of them, it’s just cute to see after what all of us have been through ^ , and they’re like asking “what’s next?” or “what new monster/character?” – it shows that, in their world, Evolve is still alive with its parents and this brings a smile to my face :slight_smile:


The player base grows again.



So that’s it huh? You put out a game to milk us for our money and say that’s it? Wow, I mean I enjoyed the game. But I just can’t respect that you guys made a decent original game just to laugh in our faces while you fail to make a quick buck of it


They were kicked off the game, dude.


I know 2k stopped the funding


I’m pretty much referring that whole thing to 2k


Got it. I misunderstood your original post then I guess.


Nahh, that was my bad man should’ve put a specific group name in it


I wish they added a spectator mode.


There is an Observation mode in custom games


Do you know where it’s located?


It’s only available in custom games sadly, it’s one of the roles you choose before a match starts


I don’t see this. I’m guessing it ain’t for Evolve: Stage 2 (Beta) on PC (or it requires other players)? Because I’d like to see how the AI plays by itself, plus spectating the monster AI would be fun to see.


I thought that was a feature, I haven’t played in a while


No it is available on PC. But you cannot spectate AI monsters. It’s more to spectate a custom game of players and afterwards you can switch around so you can play and someone else can spectate.


It would be brilliant if someone modded it in (I consider this mod harmless, since it’s only spectating).


Yeah, I understand. It’s a shame though, because I’d like to watch an AI match, with no humans and see how well they cope. Seems pointless I know, but it’s fun to watch AI matches for me; seeing how far AI has come, finding their strengths and weaknesses, what their tactics are, their cooperation etc.


In Evolve Legacy there was an option to ‘take a break’. What this means is that the AI would take over and you would basically be spectating. If you bought Evolve before Stage 2, you can always revert back to the Legacy version and see how things play out. However, the game differs a lot between Legacy and Stage 2. Also the AI isn’t exactly great to watch in a Hunt game (Arena would then be better as you see constant fights).


Of all chances, it would be in the one you have to purchase lol. Nah, not worth it tbh, thanks for the info though. Would be good if someone managed to code the menu somehow and add spectate, when in an offline match. Oh well.