Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community


Whenever I think of this beautiful game and what could have happened, it makes me really upset. One thing that dies cheer me up, however, is knowing that there are an infinite amount of universes where Evolve was a huge success, and they were still getting content for years on end (according to certain theories that I believe). That always cheers me up.





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im crying


I know I shouldn’t do this, but…

Evolve is now



wtf with the watch_dogs logo.


Sooo… If we are on console, because i Just got Evolve for Christmas(i chose it :slight_smile:) the dlc still costs money!? wha- Why :frowning: I want the dlc, but don’t want to pay. So the solution is to buy a pc just to play evove stage 2! WHYYYYY!!! Why could’nt people Love the game so it could come to cosole for christmas. People just Walked over the idea of the game And looked for reasons to hate it after getting “board” How is it boring!? Bruu- Well, at least i get 3 monsters a 8 characters, At least I think XD anyways, Thankyou TurtleRock Studios. PS, That was’nt sarcasm :smiley:


A little while ago, 2K cancelled TRS contract so unfortunately they don’t work on it anymore. 2K is to blame for fucking over console players.


Thank you, TRS, for such an amazing game and experience for the past 2 years, Evolve will always remain one of the best games I have ever played, it was so unique, the idea, and it had so much potential, and you knew that, but 2K didn’t see what could have been, just what was, and what was, is incredible, thank you.


Feel free to stick around and see what else TRS had coming down the pipeline!


No time for goodbyes/final messages, where’s update on the DD, dark fantasy coop ?!


I like how this game has much more Game play, than cod but cod is still running (even though it’s Fan base is dropping and it’s becoming a meme.) Cod wasn’t meant for close quarters Exosuit boosts. It was meant for Boots-on-the-ground tactical action. But even after that it hasn’t been shut down. Evolve was everything you people promised and the Fan base died out quicker than an ant colony in water. (Sorry for the weird analysis.) I think that was major stupidity on the former*** communities’ part.


That movie was awesome dude. I watched it last year XD


I normally don’t comment on old threads but…

Evolve’s community is awesome. It’s possibly the most tight knit and friendly group of gamers you’ll ever find. The problem is the community was small because the general public couldn’t get behind the game.


Since when was CoD tactical?


As you can see. I only said It was “Meant” to be. Or atleast similar in a way.


I didn’t mean the community that has stayed with evolve. I’m talking about the ones who called this game stupid, and glitchy(All games have glitches and i barely notice them)


I don’t think it is. Nothing in any of the games suggests that to me.


I guess if you had a team you could technically play it in a tactical way.


The salty ones use it as an excuse to Not Recommend.


It’s months later, and I still spend a good amount of time playing Legacy Evolve on Xbox One. Evolve was and still is one of my favorite games ever, it will always have a special place in my heart, along with this amazing community and extremely talented and kindhearted dev team. Thank you so much TRS for all you have done, I’m looking forward for what is to come in the future! :hearts: