Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community


This means that TRS will no longer develop Evolve (like, the whole thing) and that it’s on 2K’s hands now.


I’m sad. Probably best game ever but struggled with low player base too long. Final mistake was to remove ranked mode and score board. I will miss the game. Thanks for games guys.

     Well thanks to 2K's bad business practices, TRS had to deal with the blame. 
   I hope that TRS will learn to be more careful with whom they sign up with next time.


what film is that gif from?


Cabin In The Woods


Thanks. Adding that to the to watch list :slight_smile:


It was a good movie but they had no idea on how to market it so it didn’t get the attention it deserved. You’ll understand why when you see it

 Hence the reason I posted this gif.


The petition is looking pretty healthy! If you’re so sad about the game, maybe this will fix it.

  Soo, there's a petition to bring it to the consoles?


That’s on the top of the list for things to finish on that link above!


It’s definitely part of the petition! So sign away!


I cant live without hear Caira voice saying “nicely done!”, please dont let this game die, i bought the game in the beta bcuz i loved, im depressed, at least dont let the characters die, make another game, i dont know.


A sequal would be up to 2K since they own the ip.


Sorry to hear the news but It would be really nice of you if you’d leave us with some kind of single player campaign implementation.


There was no time, even if they’d wanted to.


2K really massed this game up IMO … they tried but they tried to hard


I believe the game was advertised from the start to be a multiplayer experience without single player campaign.
Not sure if this was ever misinformed or why people blame the game for the lack of single player (which is irrelevant).


Nothing was misinformed, I was just suggesting something I feel as cool for the community.


I am so goddarn heartbroken… All I can say is that I will always support you guys at TRS! The games you have brought to this world… there is no way that we can thank you enough! Whatever games you have in store for us next… be sure that I will be there in the front of the line queueing for them!